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Shadows from the Moonlight, by Taylor DelPrincipe, 2013 River of Words Category I Grand Prize Winner
El Color de Black y White, by Chioke Allen-Alvarez, 2013 River of Words Category II Grand Prize Winner
Gemstone Poems  -- Ella Boyd-Wong
City Without an Ark, by Sara Jane Kachelman, 2013 River of Words Category IV Grand Prize Winner
The Mole (Even on a clear day), by Alladin Wang, 2013 River of Words Monkey's Raincoat Prize Winner (Honoring a poem in the Haiku Tradition)
Recipe for a Hungarian Meal, by Adriaan Denbroeder, 2013 River of Words Shasta Bioregion Prize Winner (Honoring a student from the San Francisco Bay Area)
The Gypsy Gardener, by Olivia Henshaw-Black, 2013 River of Words Anacostia Watershed Prize Winner (Honoring a student from the Washington, D.C. area)
A Lost Relative, by Connor Barry
Yamuna, by Sanjana Rajogopal
A Leaf, by Tessa Meyer
A tiny seed, by Stella Sears-Bicknell
All Real, by Erin Trahan
April Wind, by Josephine Cotton
as the snow drifts down, by Xander Bartone
Blanco, by Brandon Diaz
Blue River Running, by Olivia Zhao
Brumalis, by Anna Xie
City in Late Autumn, by Sarah Brodnax
Dear Ant, by Brooke Luoma
Dream Me, by Lindsey Taylor
A chameleon / El camaleón, by Joaquin Rainey
Estrella/ Star by Claire Fitzhardinge
Ethiopia, by Nahili Harun
Got a Curse We Cannot Lift, by Lindsey Taylor
Growing Up By the River, by Emma Finch
I am The Pioneer, by Noa Meerschwam
I'm Half-Mom, I'm Half Dad, I am Tad, by Tad McCord
Leaves, by Margaret Grace Dempsey-Blair
Listen, by Oona Fitzpatrick
Mama's Dress, by Marae Schexnayder
Morning Ghazal, by Rebecca Scurlock
Morning Tanka, by Jennie Rose Goodkin
Night, by Ngoc Vo
Noise, by Lauren Adler
Nothing Blue Can Stay, by Owen Johnson
Oda a los zorros/ Ode to Foxes, by Amelia Ellis
Ode to Jasper, by Riki Eijima
Ode to the Tomato, by Noah Jordan
Peace, by Yesenia Romero
Potato, by Allyson Licht
Powered by the Wind (a ghazal), by Yasmin Luthra
Puma (Yesterday I went), by Noelia Vega
Quartz, by Ruby Clarke
Recipe for a Stone, by Ian Von Frank
Seashell, by Kylon Segura
Seven Twister, by Wallace Jackson
Silent Hello, by Adrienne Robertson
"Sunrise: Fishing in the Adirondacks," by Alexandra Carey
Sunset on the Hill, by Erin Pang
Ten Ways of Looking at the Sun, by Sophie Anderson
The Waldo Canyon Fire, by Jack Shimon
Thunderstorm, by Cori Dahlby Albright
To Lay in the Fallen Leaves, by Abbie Minard
Un poema/ A poem (A poem is not a hand), by Viridiana Barreto
Untamed, by Annie Merrill
Veins and Vines, by Virginia Roach
When I am, by Jackson Wainwright
When I am as thick, by Luke Closson
Where Poems Hide from Me in Nature, by MacAllister Moss
Whooping Cranes, by Holli Hebert
Untitled, by Ramses Sanchez-Hernandez
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