Courtney Carmignani '05, ML '08 and Christoph Lohmann MS '05 were married by Father Thomas McElligott in the Saint Mary’s Chapel on New Year’s Eve.

A Gael Love Story

If there is a record for the most Saint Mary's alumni at a Gael wedding, Courtney Carmignani ’05, ML ’08 and Christoph Lohmann MS ’05 are certainly in the running. Their nuptials included:

1 Saint Mary's Chapel, where they were married by Father Thomas McElligott on New Year’s Eve 2011.

2 working Gaels. Allyson Wiley ’02 photographed the wedding, and Andrew Verducci ’07, ECR ’08 was the DJ for the party.

3 musical Gaels. Brother Martin Yribarren ’71 played the organ, Ron Willet ’05, MBA ’07 played the piano, and Michelle Batista ’02, ECR ’05 served as the cantor.

4 alums in the wedding party, and over 30 Gael guests.

For Valentine's Day, we caught up with Courtney to learn a little bit more about her Gaelerrific romance. Which wasn't hard, since she works as an associate director of alumni & volunteer engagement. (Did we mention how dedicated to Saint Mary's she is?)

SMC: How did you and Christoph meet?

Courtney: Christoph emailed me in the Alumni Office to update his address with the College after he had moved to Southern California. We continued to email and discuss ways he could get involved with the Alumni Association, and soon we became friends. About six weeks after our initial emails, I hosted an event in Orange County where we met in person. We began dating long distance for two years, and were married New Year's Eve 2011.

Tell us a little bit about how you got engaged. 

Christoph was visiting me in the Bay Area in January 2011, and he proposed at the cross when we were on a hike. We really feel like Saint Mary's brought us together, even though we didn't know each other while we were students. (I got my bachelor's degree in 2005, Christoph is a graduate of 2005 as well, but from the Masters in Financial Analysis and Investment Management, MS FAIM).

What was it like getting married in the Chapel? 

Our wedding in the Chapel was amazing. It is such a special place for us. Father Tom McElligott married us, and we felt like we were home. We are residence hall directors on campus, so it is our parish. Our friends have been married there, I was baptised there when I went through the RCIA program in 2006 - it's just special for so many reasons.

Who will win tonight against Gonzaga? 

Of course, the Gaels will beat the Zags and all the fans in McKeon can share a celebratory Valentine's Day smooch!