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New Events and Calendars FAQ

New Calendars and Events with more features and a fresh layout are coming very soon. But don’t worry about having to use the new tools immediately. The rollout will happen in phases after it launches, and your current (soon-to-be-old) calendars and events will continue to remain live even as you begin using the new tools.

Q: When should I start using the new event tool?

The new calendar and events tool will be turned on July 14. However, we will train you first before you dive in. Your old events will continue to live in the current (soon-to-be-old) events tool in Salli.

Q: When, where and how will I get training?

College Communications and Web Services will be reaching out to Salli editors throughout the summer to walk them through the set-up process. We will work with editors to find the most convenient time, as we recognize that summer is a popular time for vacations.

Q: What’s the rationale behind rolling it out this way?

We are first training editors who are the heaviest users and have the greatest number of upcoming events to re-enter into Salli using the new tool.

Q: If I do not switch over immediately, will my events stop appearing on the News and Events calendar and the SMC Bulletin?

No. There will be a brand-new News and Events calendar for events entered into Salli on or after July 14. College Communications will re-enter events that occur from July 14 through August 15. We will not delete old versions of events.

You will need to re-enter events scheduled after August 15 for them to appear on the new News and Events calendar. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

We will continue putting events entered before July 14 in the Bulletin, along with newly entered events.

Q: What will happen to my events in the old events tool once the new calendar launches?

Events in the old tool will continue to live on old calendars. You will be able to retrieve your old events by going to the Content Dashboard and clicking on “Find your events prior to July 14, 2014” under “Manage Your Calendars.” For re-posting events into the new events tool, you should also go through the Content Dashboard and click the button for events prior to July 14. When you begin using the new calendar and events tools, only events going forward will appear in those calendars.

Q: Why can’t all current events migrate to the new events tool?

Unfortunately, the fields for old events and new events do not align, thereby making an automatic migration of events impossible.

Q: What about old events that are still scheduled to happen in the future?

Those events will eventually need to be re-entered into the Salli system using the new event tool. We apologize for this inconvenience. Perhaps we can re-post these events as part of your training. Fortunately there aren’t too many events that need to be re-posted.

Q: When are the old events going to be turned off?

Old events will be turned off at the end of 2014. The reasoning behind this is because old events sometimes come up in search results. Turning these off will purge these outdated events and prevent them from clogging up site search results.

Q: Will I be able to place new events on a different department’s calendar?

Yes. This new function will replace the old function of “borrowing” an event. You will be able to place your event on another department’s calendar by making sure your event’s filters (Area, Location, and Event Types) are the same as the calendar you want it to appear in. Please visit our new tutorial for more info.

Q: Can anyone put an event on my calendar?

Yes, so long as your calendar’s filters are the same as someone else’s event. If an event appears on your calendar that doesn’t fit or you feel is a mistake, you can contact the department who placed the event on your calendar and ask them to adjust the event’s filter so that it no longer appears on your calendar.

Q: How do I get on your schedule if I haven’t heard from you yet?

Contact Brian Foley ( and Adriana Botello (

Salli User Group Meetings & Resources

We want each meeting and the resources we create to be useful for all of you. 

For example, we are creating detailed descriptions of each of the Layout tab options for content types such as Pages, including how they may be used, best practices for their use and what they look like when in place. 

Another example is a page with links to examples from around our SMC site demonstrating best practices and interesting approaches to displaying content.

Let us know if there are other sections of the tutorials you would like us to expand or create. And let us know if there are topics you would like us to discuss at upcoming meetings.

Upcoming Salli User Group Meetings

All faculty, staff and students are welcome to attend our sessions.  Feel free to come to any and all sessions that interest you.  You can also access a schedule of meetings in Google Calendar

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