Got questions or concerns about the website? These are the people to contact.

Web Planning Committee

  • Sandy Mallalieu - Director, Interactive Media and Web Communications, College Communications
  • Adriana Botello - Web Producer, Web Services, IT Services
  • Hernan Bucheli - Vice Provost of Enrollment and College Communications
  • Peter Greco - Chief Technology Officer, IT Services (CTO)
  • Elizabeth Smith - Assistant VP, College Communications
  • Jane Joyce - Director of Marketing and Research, Liberal Arts for Graduate & Professional Programs
  • Carl Thelen - Director of Web Services & Instructional Technology, IT Services
  • Shawny Anderson - Associate Dean, School of Liberal Arts
  • Larisa Genin - Associate Professor, Dept. of Business Administration
  • Sue Birkenseer - Web Services Librarian

Website Redesign Committee

  • ASSMC PresidentKeith Brant - Vice President For Development

  • Jane Camarillo - Vice Provost for Student Life
  • Chris Carter - Director of Alumni & Volunteer Engagement
  • Chandra Commer – Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
  • Barry Eckhouse – Professor, School of Economics & Business Administration
  • Dana Herrera - Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Jane Joyce - Director, Recruitment & Admissions, Kalmanovitz School of Education
  • Zhan Li - DeanSchool of Economics and Business
  • Michael McKeon - Dean of Admissions
  • Julia Odom - Registrar
  • Michael Samuels - Director of Marketing and Advertising, Athletics
  • Chris Sindt - Associate Dean
  • Roy Wensley – Interim Dean, School of Science

White Whale (

  • Jason Pontius is the president and founder of White Whale. He works with clients, designs homepages, changes the water bottle, and serves as the deciding vote in the Senate.
  • Janie Porche is the designer. She works with Jason on homepages and generally takes it from there. On campus visits, she's in charge of building grassroots support and charming grumpy stakeholders.
  • Alex Romanovich is the application developer. He keeps track of ongoing project traffic, and makes sure the work conforms to the proper flow of Dharma.
  • Tonya Langford Moyle is the VP. She manages White Whale's business affairs, works with clients on information architecture, and is in charge of the wine list.
  • Donald Tetto is the front-end developer and standards/accessibility policeman. He writes all theJavascript and most of the XHTML.