Petty Cash

How to get reimbursed in cash for out-of-pocket expenses $50 or less.

Employee reimbursements, including mileage, should be made through the Accounts Payable Department using the Expense Report form (see Expense Reports).  However, in instances where immediate reimbursement is necessary, the Business Office Petty Cash fund may be utilized under the following guidelines:

  • College related purchases, which do not exceed $50 and involve no more than two receipts, can be obtained from the Cashier during office hours. Each request should be on a petty cash slip Petty Cash Request with receipt(s) attached, and contain a valid expense code with an authorized signature approval.
  • Petty cash is to be picked up by the person to whom the reimbursement is owed, not on their behalf.
  • If the purchase will be made and the receipts returned on the same working day, cash may be advanced to the employee. This will require a petty cash slip being approved by an authorized signer.
  • Petty cash requests not meeting all of the above requirements will be returned and may be resubmitted once they have been properly completed.

Petty Cash may NOT be used for the payment of services performed for the College.  See Payment for Services or Procedures for Payment of Stipends.