For International Students

International students applying as a fall semester freshman or for transfer admission from an attending an American school, either in the U.S. or abroad, are eligible to be considered merit scholarships. 

Merit Scholarships

Presidential Scholarship:  $24,000 annually

Honors at Entrance Scholarship:  $18,000 annually

Gael Scholar’s Award:  $14,000 annually

Leclercq Scholarship: $14,000 annually

Merit scholarships are awarded to first-time freshmen based on academic achievement, including GPA, test results, and rigor of curriculum. These awards are renewable for an additional three years of continuous full-time study and contingent upon satisfactory academic progress. Students do not need to apply separately for merit scholarships; consideration is automatic with a complete application to the college.

Lasallian Leadership Scholarship: $13,000

  • 3.5 U.S. equivalent GPA
  • Attended a Christian Brothers' High School
  • No additional application is required

 NOTE: There are no other scholarships or financial aid programs available for international students

Transfer Students

Honors at Entrance Scholarship: $14,000

  • 3.5 US equivalent GPA
  • 30 transferable credit units at time of admission
  • No additional application is required

NOTE:  There are no other scholarships or financial aid offers available to international transfer students.