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  Jennifer Billeci, Interim Director

   (925) 631-4600    
   [email protected]

  Brother Glenn Bolton, F.S.C.,  
  Graduate School Advisor

   (925) 631-6267
   [email protected]

I'm Known For:  Encouraging our graduates to go to distant universities so I'll have some fantastic schools to visit when they graduate. (It's only partially true. Ok. Largely true, but think of the education they'll receive.)
Guilty Pleasure:  Late night card games (no money involved, just ego)
Favorite Local Restaurant:  Little Shin Shin - Chinese food place in Piedmont
Last Meal On Earth:  Lemon chicken, kung pao beef, and brown rice at Little Shin Shin's and then just down the street to Fenton's Ice Cream for a pint or two
Favorite Book I Ever Read:  Augustine's City of God
Movie That Inspired Me:  Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Favorite Pastime:  Visiting archeological sites, museums, and cities dealing with past civilizations
Interview Tip:  Watch what you reveal...matching socks and no clip-on ties, please!

  Kate Cole, Career Counselor and
  Graduate and Alumni Outreach

   (925) 631-4380
   [email protected]

I start my day by: Having a cup of Peet's French Roast, playing with my two black labs and working out.
My secret passion: Enjoying the moment in a sidewalk cafe in Paris
I'm inspired by:  People with heart and soul
Can't live without:  Dark chocolate and Russian River Chardonnay
First Job, Worst Job, Best Job: 1st job: Babysitting my next door neighbor's two little "angels with devil's horns" :-);Worst: Filing massive amounts of files in a dimly lit file room. Best: Career Counselor at Saint Mary's!

  Paula Conrad, Internship and
  Career Fair Coordinator

   (925) 631-8280
   [email protected]

I start my day by: Cursing my alarm clock!!
My secret passion:  Can't tell's a secret!! :-)
I'm inspired by: People who overcome major obstacles to succeed
Can't live without:  family and friends
First Job, Worst Job, Best Job: 1st job, Translator at a German Trading Company in Hong Kong; Worst, the worst year of my life, working for an unethical tyrant who manufactured watches in Hong Kong and China to sell in Europe.

  Vicki Davis,
  Employer Relations Manager

   (925) 631-8281
   [email protected]

I start my day by: Hitting the snooze button.
My secret passion: Suspense movies
I'm inspired by:Creativity
Can't live without: Music
First Job, Worst Job, Best Job: Picadilly Deli (High School Job)

  Brother Brendan Madden, F.S.C.,
  Scholarship Counselor

   (925) 631-4710
   [email protected]

I'm Known For:  Being a founder of the Career Center
Guilty Pleasure:  I eat Durian. (Smells like rotting flesh, tastes like custard)
Favorite Local Restaurant:  LaLimes in Berkeley
Last Meal On Earth:  A Chinese Banquet
Favorite Book I Ever Read:  A Person by Carl Rodgers
Movie That Inspired Me:  Cool Hand Luke
Favorite Pastime: Watching PBS or MSNBC
Interview Tip:  Eye contact and a firm handshake

  Christine Oh, Career Counselor
  and Diversity Outreach

   (925) 631-4354
   [email protected]

I start my day by: Praying with my husband.
My secret passion: My 6th grade chatechism class.
I'm inspired by: Lasallian Educators; Brothers and Saint John Baptiste de La Salle
Can't live without: Faith, Family, Friends, and Food
First Job, Worst Job, Best Job: Tutor, copywriter, Career Counselor 

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