Welcome to Saint Mary's College!

Here you'll find information about how to obtain, maintain and renew Student Visas (F-1), how to stay in compliance with the school and the US government and other responsibilities that you need to be aware of.

Because this information is very important for you to stay in school and avoid getting deported, read this information carefully and print it out for your records!

For Prospective Students:

Our website provides information on the programs that the school offers, how to visit the school and some information on financial aid and housing.

For New/Transfer Students (Newly Accepted):

Our website provides information on how to apply for a visa and I-20 documents necessary for immigration, pre-arrival information (what to prepare and what to know), new student orientation and check-in, the mandatory class requirement for all international students, health insurance information, and forms.

For Current Students:

Our website provides information on how to maintain your visa status, what types of employment possibilites there are for F-1 visa students, what you need to know about travelling during your studies, other resources about life as an international student and forms.