Each year, the advisers at CWAC participate in Writing Center Conferences across California. For the past two years, the undergraduate advisers have been privileged to take part in the Northern California Writing Center Association (NCWCA) Conference.

On Saturday, April 5th, 2014, Saint Mary's writing advisers led four panels during the Northern California Writing Centers Association's 2013 Conference:

 “Master Jedi 101: the Pedagogy of Minimalism and Writing in the Disciplines” ~ CJ Cosas, David Fujii, and Krista Varela.

“Matching Missions: Aligning your Center with the Philosophies and Needs of your Community” ~ Steven Colson, Jaquelyn Davis, Holland Enke, and Reyna Olegario.

“ ‘Stop, Collaborate, and Listen’ to Each Other: Guiding Students to Experience the Power of Small-group Writing Circles” ~ Audrey Agot and Somel Jammu, Tereza Joy Kramer and Brittany Watson.

“The Burkean Whiteboard: Inspiring Creativity and Collaboration Among Students and Advisers” ~ Madeline Bell, Bridget Hanna, Samantha Ricci, and Victoria Stringer.

Advisers enjoying lunch at the NCWCA Conference 2014

Bridget and Caitlin at the NCWCA Conference 2014

Audrey and Brittany presenting on Writing Circles at the NCWCA Conference 2014

Participants at the NCWCA Conference 2014

Spring 2014 Advisers at the NCWCA Conference


Saturday, April 13th, 2013, Saint Mary's writing advisers participated in the Northern California Writing Centers Association's 2013 Conference for the first time.

Advisers Caitlin Wire, Carly Bobo, and Sam Ricci presented a panel titled "The WID Project: How to Help Ourselves so That We Can Help Students Writing in Diverse Disciplines," which challenged advisers to extend their comfort zones to multiple modes of disciplinary writing. Information gleaned from talks with professors, scouring course syllabi, and analyzing studies helped them create tip sheets that work to effectively facilitate knowledge transfer during advising sessions.


 Reyna Olegario, Bridget Hanna, and Mollie Clark delivered the panel: "Diversity in Personality: Differences that Make a Big Difference." This panel sought to recognize differences that help advisers become more empathetic and capable. Utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment questionaire, these advisers highlighted the overt differences in the ways that people prefer to perceive and make decisions regarding their environments. Want to find out about your own MBTI? Click here!

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