To mark Saint Mary's sesquicentennial, SMC Communication students in the American Journalism class taught by Ginny Prior created stories and videos about the College's special traditions and quirky history. Learn more about Saint Mary's history on our special sesquicentennial website.

  • "All Aboard" the Saint Mary's Express

    Years ago the sound of locomotives harmonized with the iconic Chapel bells at Saint Mary’s. Relive the memories and see remnants of the Sacramento Northern railway that once connected Chico to Oakland via the state capital, traveling along what is now the Lafayette/Moraga Regional Trail and making daily stops at the College.

  • Take a “Bromobile” Ride with Brother Dom

    Brother Dominic Berardelli’s unmistakable ride–a golf cart appropriately nicknamed the “Bromobile”–is tough to miss as it scoots around campus proudly flying its flags. Check out how the “Bromobile” came into existence and see what a day riding around campus with one of Saint Mary’s best spokesmen is like.

  • SMC’s Eye on the Sky – the Geissberger Observatory

    The Geissberger Observatory that looks down on the campus has not always adorned “Observatory Hill.” Spearheaded by Astrophysics Professor Ron Olowin, years of planning and anticipation came to fruition after Dr. Louis Geissberger ’53 made a generous donation heralding a new era of astrophysics research right at SMC.

  • A Visual Tour of the Navy Flight School at Saint Mary’s

    Take a look at the impact the Navy has had on the Saint Mary’s campus, including the construction of Assumption Hall and what was once the world’s largest indoor pool. Hear stories about Gerald Ford’s experience at Saint Mary’s and how water was finally piped to the small Moraga campus. By Phillip Ganoe '13 and Chris Ruez '13.

  • Community Time Barbecues

    Sunny Wednesdays at Saint Mary’s mean only one thing–barbecues. The entire College community gathers during community time outside in Ferrogiaro Quad to share a meal together. Burgers, fresh fruit, vegetables from the Legacy Garden on campus and ice cream mark the occasion that no student should miss.

  • The Legacy Behind Garaventa Hall

    Mary Candida Garaventa Hall, which recently marked its 16th year at Saint Mary’s, was made possible by a generous donation by Silvio Garaventa Sr. and his wife, Mary. Neither Silvio nor his wife attended Saint Mary’s, but their passion for the liberal arts and Catholic intellectual traditions encouraged them to contribute to Saint Mary’s in a big way.

  • De La Salle Statue–Inspiring Students in Many Ways

    While the statue of Saint John Baptist de La Salle is a moving piece of art on its own, it has also inspired students to try a little “De La Salleing,” hailing from the “Tebowing” craze that swept the National Football League last season. Hear stories from students and Brothers about how it got here and what the statue means to Saint Mary’s.

  • How Saint Mary’s Helped the U.S. Win World War II

    Believe it or not, Saint Mary’s College was selected by the U.S. Navy in 1942 to become a preflight training facility in the middle of World War II. The College not only helped the war effort but gained valuable resources that still have an impact more than 70 years later.

  • SMC Students Once Cooled Down at “The Pub”

    An on-campus bar at Saint Mary’s, affectionately referred to as “The Pub,” was once a haven for students who wanted to unwind after exams. Hear about the inn’s heyday and why it closed to learn about the wild times now part of Saint Mary’s history.

  • Saint Mary’s Connection to Bethlehem University

    Did you know that Bethlehem University is a sister school to Saint Mary’s? At least five SMC Brothers or professors have taught at the university, and SMC President Brother Ronald Gallagher once was in charge of the school, which serves roughly 3,000 mostly Palestinian students.

  • An Audio Visual Look Into Saint Mary’s Connection to Bethlehem University

    Take a look at Bethlehem University, a sister school to Saint Mary’s. Learn the story about our connection to the University and see where current College President Brother Ronald Gallagher called home when he was in charge of the school.

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