It's not too late to join! Come to Dante Room 220 to visit a meeting at 8:00-9.15PM on Tuesdays OR contact Daniel Ripple at   

"Enactus is a collegewide program housed in the School of Economics and Business Adminstration, and open to all students not just business students.

You may not know it yet but many of you will end up using many of the skills that are normally associated with the business school but you may be working in a business, a not for profit organization, or in public service. Much of the same skill set applies in all three settings.

If you're interesting in any of these current openings, please contact our president (an engineerinng student) Daniel Ripple at

We look forward to meeting with you in the near future."

-Caroline Doran, Faculty Advisor


  1. Purchasing Officer

  2. Executive Director of Operations

  3. Recruitment Officer

  4. Training Officer

  5. Project Member (Marketing Project, Training Project, Skill Development Project)

  6. Program Adminstrative Assistant

  7. Graphic Designer

  8. Publice Relations Assistant/Writer (3)

  9. Copy Editor

  10. Program Accountant (2)

  11. Archivist/Historian


Do you have the following skills?

Effective Communication

As Enactus is a competition-based organization, it is imperative that members possess good communication skills in order to compete. These skills are also required to market and execute successful projects. An ideal member should have prior experience with public speaking, debating, performing arts, coaching, have taken communications courses, or have adopted leadership roles in other organizations. Possessing strong written and oral skills are a prerequisite to joining the team.  

An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Enactus members must have an entrepreneurial mindset and possessing business acumen that would allow him or her to transform ideas into economically valuable services. Enactus is based on the notion of student entrepreneurship, so it is important that students have the creative, technological, and social skills needed to build a great team, innovate, and develop community based projects. You should have prior work experience, involvement in starting a student organization, leadership within an existing team or club, and have taken some business classes.  

The Ability to Work Effectively in a Team Setting

Enactus is a team; therefore individuals must be comfortable working alongside other members. Members actively participate in the program demonstrating reliability, active listening, flexibility, commitment, and most importantly a members should not exhibit behavior that would not contribute to team cohesion.  Being able to openly and willingly share information, knowledge, and experience is essential. You should have experience with athletic teams, debate teams, student clubs, and/or have worked in an environment where teams were used.   

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Thinking critically is a vital characteristic of an Enactus member as individuals are challenged to think about and make decisions in the context of projects, the program, and the community. Furthermore, members would need to exhibit competency in the use reasoning, both quantitative and qualitative, in analyzing situations. Attention to detail is an important component of these skills. You should  have demonstrated such critical thing and analytical skills in their coursework at Saint Mary’s, in leadership roles in student organizations, and/or prior work experience with decision-making responsibilities.

A World view oriented towards the “other”

The purpose of Enactus is to use  business acumen to carry out social justice projects. A socially just society is based on the principles of equality and solidarity.  Enactus believes social justice is based on the concepts of human rights, equality, and a greater degree of economic egalitarianism. Students should understand and value human rights. You should have prior experience with community service, volunteering, service trips, teaching, and tutoring  or have a worldview that is oriented towards social justice.  

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