Dear SMC Community Faculty and Staff,
Due to the high demand for appointments the following scheduled dates are set for Ergonomic Appointments.  The next up coming date is nearly full.

  • October 3rd and Oct. 5th  (2 half days)
  • November 15th
  • December16th
  • January  23rd

Here are the procedures for Ergonomic Office Evaluations:

  1. Requests are based on order received.
  2. We ( Paula and I, my consultant from the insurance broker), will only be able to see 8 people per month, and this is done approximately once per month. Once the list is full, you will be place on the next day which will be the next month. 
  3. Only 3 people from one department will be seen on evaluation day, not the entire department.
  4. Each appointment is approx. 20 - 30 min. long.
  5. If you need to be rescheduled, you may be bumped to the next month if there are not any time slots left that day.
  6. Requests for equipment or chairs is based on ergonomic need, decided by Paula and I.  It is rare that a flat screen is needed ergonomically, and only 2 or 3 a  year are approved by my department.  The purpose to the appointment is to educate, not to provide a lot of equipment.
  7. If you think you need another chair, you will need to set up an ergonomic appointment; after, you may need to meet me later to try out chairs.
  8. Anything extra, beyond an ergonomic need, will need to be paid for by your department.
  9. Faculty have priority on times due to their teaching schedules and office hours.
  10. If you had an ergonomic appointment already, you may need another one if you changed offices, or you can set up your office with help from CaTS or the Facilities' movers with the knowledge you gained from your appointment.

Karen Lauricella, Environ. H&S Manager
(925) 631-8287
(925) 631-4512 fax

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