A list of all Undergraduate courses in Ethnic Studies 

Prerequisite Grade

Any course listed in this department with a prerequisite assumes a grade of C– or better in the prerequisite course.

Three Required Courses

Lower Division

1 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
This course provides an introduction to the complex nature of racial and ethnic populations in the United States. It seeks to understand the diverse traditions and cultures of the people of the United States in order to gain an appreciation for American diversity. It offers a critical understanding of the origins and impacts of settler colonialism, conquest, slavery, war and immigration on the development of the U.S. We will examine the ways in which race and ethnicity intersect with gender, class, sexuality, citizenship and nationality in order to better understand how systems of power and inequality are constructed, reinforced and challenged. Satisfies an Area C requirement in the pre-2012 general education requirements. Satisfies American Diversity and Common Good of the Core Curriculum.

Collegiate Seminar: Seminar 144: Multicultural Thought
Selected readings from 20th century multicultural authors of the United States. This course may not be substituted for any of the required four seminar courses.  Seminar 144 also fulfills the Area A requirement and can be taken after the student has completed one seminar.

Upper Division

196 Senior Thesis and Portfolio 
The course entails independent study, research and/or creative work in the area of ethnic studies. Though students are encouraged to employ a multidisciplinary approach, they need to choose a sponsor from among the faculty members on the Ethnic Studies Advisory Board. To be taken only after the completion ES 001 and two other upper division electives in the minor.

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