Summer 2016:

  • Remove Underground Storage Tank

Loading fuel into tanker under inspection of MOFD and Environmental Engineer

  • Relocate Central Services to Power Plant - Lower

New home for Central Services in Power Plant

  • Power Plant Conversion to Office Space

Ops team commissioning new energy-saving power controls in Power Plant offices

  • Madigan Gym Power upgrade

  • Classroom Improvements for Technological upgrades

  • Aquinas Bathroom and Laundry Facility

  • Multiple Department relocations to provide improved student access and success

Office of Project Management

Office of Project management was established to provide best-in-class project results to Saint Mary's College. We work with our partners, customers and sponsors to ensure successful integrated project management from initiation through closing. 

Projects include major building construction and renovations, as well as small activities. 

When does a routine work order become a project?

  1. When it involves more than one trade or craft
  2. When it crosses organizational boundaries
  3. When it requires hazard mitigations and impairment controls

The diagram below illustrates how a work order is processed as 'routine' or authorized as a 'project'

Work induction process

Annual pojects are generally scoped 6-9 months before the upcoming fiscal year so that costs can be estimated and budgets allowed
Multi year projects are planned as part of the Campus Master Plan, or as authorized by the College leadership.


Capital Projects Induction Process