Office of Project Management

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Power Plant Interior Renovation

We are preparing 5 major work fronts around the Campus this year:  
1.  Renovate Classrooms 
2.  Bring all School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA) to the Campus
3.  Establish Student Success Organization footprint in Campus Core 
4.  Renew Residential Hall amenities
5.  Improve Student Experience Spaces

Each of these fronts will involve several intermediate steps in order to accomplish these goals

For a complete list of Projects, grouped by Strategic Plan Goal, see table below:

Building or Area

Strategic Plan:  Project Description


Estimated Timeline or Status


Adequate Instructional Spaces and Faculty Offices:


Academic Bldgs Technology upgrade of 17 classrooms in Brousseau, Dante, Galileo and Sichel Halls September 2016
Power Plant Building renovation for new Faculty Offices September 2016
Filippi Hall Optimize Office Space for improved Student Success Services August 15, 2016

Focus on Sustainability


Brother Urban Gregory Hall

Utilize existing facility and furniture to accommodate SEBA on Campus October, 2016
Madigan Gym

Improve power capacity and reliability with new transformer installation

August, 2016

Supporting our Students

Dryden Renovate for flex use space by Students, Conferences, Events, and Instructors Fall 2016

Modernize Existing Facilities


Renovate 27 restroom vanity and showers

August 15, 2016
IT Modular Office

Remove and replace IT modular offices

Fall 2016
LeFevre Theatre Improved life safey systems Winter 2016
McKeon Pavilion Student Athletic Performance Center Design and preconstruction planning October 2016