Ergonomics Program

The College conducts monthly ergonomic workstation audits on the third Tuesday of every month.  Additionally, we can conduct mini reviewes to help you get comfortable between audits.  We can provide you with needed equipment, tools, training and awareness to minimize the potential for repetitive stress syndrome.

If you would like to have your workstation audited by our ergonomist, please contact the program manager, Safa Toma to be included.  Availability is on first-come-first-serve bases, as the list fills up.

That said, your department must provide you with the basic equipment, as follows:

  • A standard desk - not a dining table, student desk, typewriter desk or something similar,
  • An external keyboard, external monitor(s) and an external mouse, particularly if you were issued a laptop,
  • A suitable (and not broken) chair

Please review the files below for more information.