Safety While Driving on Campus

These rules apply at all times, regardless of the type or owner of vehicle you drive.

General Rules


A. Must have a valid driver’s license

B. All city street rules apply when driving/riding on Campus – seat belts, speed limits (15mph max), stop signs, parking zones, helmets, etc.

C. Park vehicles in designated parking areas only - do not park in restricted, reserved or visitor parking spaces.

D. Do not idle engines unnecessarily.

Complete a Trip Ticket when Checking-out a Campus Vehicle

A. Read and understand “Use of the Vehicles” rules on the back of the Trip Ticket

B. Perform a Pre-Trip inspection & note unsafe conditions

C. If unsafe conditions found, place vehicle out of service

D. Perform a Post-trip inspection

E. Completely fill out the form and sign it

In Case of an Accident...

A. Contact Public Safety Immediately or ASAP at x4282

B. Contact Admin. Services Immediately or ASAP at x4571 (leave a message after hours)

C. Complete the Accident Report

Special Conditions

blue light

A. Speed limit is 15 mph MAXIMUM on campus

B. Make a complete stop at STOP signs

C. Slow down when approaching a traffic circle – watch for other vehicles

D. Drive the golf carts with care; all driving rules apply when driving these electric vehicles, including speed limits and seat belts, if so equipped

E. If you need help, use the emergency Blue Light phones located around campus