Whether it's a story on education, the global economy, politics, science or the arts, SMC professors can help reporters make complicated issues accessible to news audiences. Check out the faculty below or contact Saint Mary's Media Relations office at (925)-631-4222 or media@stmarys-ca.edu.

Hisham Ahmed, Ph.D. Middle East Politics
Ron Ahnen, Ph. D. Human Rights / Prisoner's Rights
Berna Aksu, Ph.D. Entrepreneurship / Start Ups
James Allan, Ph.D. Archaeology
Roy Allen, Ph.D. Global Economic Crisis
David Alvarez, Ph.D. CIA  & Government Intelligence
Steve Bachofer, Ph.D. Chemistry, Brownfields & STEM Education
Robert C. Bulman, Ph.D. Charter Schools / Social Movements (Occupy)
Joel Burley, Ph.D. Enviironmental Air Quality
Vidya Chandrasekaran, Ph.D. Energy Drink Safety, Biochemistry, Stem Cell Research
Mary Coe, MBA Business Student Mentoring / Accounting Practices
Greg Croft, Ph.D. Energy: Oil, Natural Gas and Coal
Catherine Marie Davalos American Contemporary Choreography
Monica Fitzgerald, Ph.D. Women’s History / Environmental Justice
Peter Freund, Ph.D. Film Studies / Iranian Cinema
Larisa V. Genin, Ph.D. E-Commerce / Branding
Paul Giurlanda, Ph.D. Religion and Sexual Orientation
Tomas Gomez-Arias, Ph.D. Bay Area Economy / Global Business
Carl Guarneri, Ph.D. Civil War History / Utopian Societies
Emily Hause, Ph.D. Sexual Harassment / Employee Layoffs
James Hawley, Ph.D. Executive Compensation / Corporate Governance / Public Pensions
Dana Herrera, Ph.D. First Generation College Students / Video Games & Higher Ed
Br. Charles Hilken, Ph.D. Medieval Studies / Vatican Art / Vatican History
Rebecca Jabbour, Ph.D. Evolution
Nancy Lam, Ph.D. Organizational Behavior
Deane Lamont, Ph.D. Race in Sports / Ancient History of Sports/ Oakland History
Raina León Technology in the classroom / Latino/a Poetry
Dan Leopard, Ph.D. Digital Culture / Filmmaking / Visual Arts
Patrizia Longo, Ph.D. Gender Politics / Human Rights Movements
Rabbi Harry A. Manhoff Early Christian History
Derek Marks, Ph.D. Performance Enhancing Drugs
Lisa Manter, Ph.D. Medieval Literary History / Camp in Popular Culture / Films of Alfred Hitchcock
Phylis Martinelli, Ph.D. Immigration / First Generation College Students
Sandra Mattar, Psy.D. PTSD, Trauma Counseling in K-12 Education
Mary McCall, Ph.D. Aging & Social Policy
Barbara A. McGraw, J.D., Ph.D. Church and State Issues / Interfaith Dialogue
Rev. John R. Morris, OP Catholic Social Justice / Catholic Theology
Mary Kay Moskal, Ph.D. Elemetary School Reading Proficiency
Ronald Olowin, Ph.D. Astronomy / Science and Faith
Kathy Perez, Ph.D. Special Education / Teacher Education and Leadership
Tom Poundstone, Ph.D. Vatican History / Catholic Theology
Jack Rasmus, Ph.D. Economic inequities / Global Financial Crisis
David Rochlin, M.B.A. Innovation in Business
Martin Rokeach, Ph.D Contemporary Classical Music / American Composers
Rev. Michael Russo, Ph.D. Politics and the Press / Vatican History
Aaron Sachs, Ph.D. Hip Hop History / Children of Gay Parents
Myrna Santiago, Ph.D. Latin American History / Drug Trade in Mexico
Suzy Thomas, Ph.D. Cyber Bullying  /   Teen Counseling
Susan Weissman, Ph.D. Labor Movement / Russian Politics
Marshall Welch, Ph.D. Volunteerism / Community Service Learning
Andrew E. Wilson, Ph.D. Consumer Purchasing Decisions / Business Operations
Claire M. Williams, Ph.D. Women in Sports / Title IX
Stephen Woolpert, Ph.D. National & California Politics, SCOTUS & Environmental Pollicy
Diana T. Wu, Ph.D Business Practices in China
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