SENATE ACTIONS 2015-2016     [Click here to view the list of Senate actions and their status.]

S-15/16-1  -  Senate Rules of Procedure for 2015-16
S-15/16-2CA  -  Faculty Welfare Committee 2015-2016  Polilcies and Procedures
S-15/16-3  -  UEPC Proposal re: Redesignation of Courses
S-15/16-4CA  -  UEPC Procedures for Approval of New Courses Within New/Revised Degree Programs
S-15/16-5CA  -  TRS 118 Women and the Bible, New Permanent Course Proposal
S-15/16-6CA  -  TRS 135 Christian Liturgy and Sacrament, New Permanent Course Proposal
S-15/16-7CA  -  KINES 128 Global Impact of Physical Inactivity, New Permanent Course Proposal
S-15/16-8CA  -  UEPC Rules of Procedure, 2015-16
S-15/16-9CA  -  Permanent Status of BusAd 010, Global Perspectives in Business and Society
S-15/16-10CA - Prerequisite Change for PERFA 184, Dance in Performance
S-15/16-11CA - New Minor in Law and Society
S-15/16-12CA - Name Change for BIO 1 (from Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics to: Intro to Cell
                            Biology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry)
S-15/16-13CA - Resolution for a Course Release for the Chair of the Program Review Committee
S-15/16-14      - Motion to Enact #1 under "Next Steps" of the Academic Senate Course Evaluation
                             Taskforce Report
S-15/16-15      - Committee on Teaching and Scholarship to be advisory to both the Office of Faculty
                             Development and the Office of Research
S-15/16-16      -  Faculty Handbook Revisions, Core Curriculum Committee and CCC procedures
S-15/16-17      -  Sense of the Senate resolution, Early Review of the Board of Trustees Faculty Salary Policy
S-15/16-18      -  Diversity Task Force Proposal
S-15/16-19CA  -  Perfa 152 Making Theatre, One-Act Plays
S-15/16-20CA  -  Hist 121 Reinstate History 114, Early Modern Europe
S-15/16-21CA  -  History 125, Women in European History
S-15/16-22CA  -  JCL 150, Advanced Leadership Theory
S-15/16-23CA  -  TRS 173, The Virgin Mary
S-15/16-24CA  -  ES 110, Yough Cultures, Identities and New Ethnicities
S-15/16-25CA  -  Department of Modern Languages Name Change
S-15/16-26CA  -  PHED 003, Intercollegiate Athletics
S-15/16-27CA  -  MA-CS 192, Digital Literacy, Web Programming
S-15/16-28CA  -  MA-CS 002, Digital Literacy, Introduction to Web Design
S-15/16-29CA  -  Withdrawal/Readmission Policy

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