The Undergraduate Educational Policies Committee makes recommendations to the Academic Senate on matters of undergraduate curriculum.

 See section of the Faculty Handbook for a complete description of the UEPC.

UEPC Rules of Procedure

New Course Approval Guidelines for the process of having a new course approved. Includes both "final" and "experimental" approval.

Includes both "final" and "experimental" approval.

Timeline for experimental course approval:  To align the approval of experimental courses with the formal course scheduling process, faculty will submit experimental course offering materials to the UPC chair within the first two weeks of either the Fall or Spring semesters for courses to be offered in the next academic year.  Experimental course proposals will include a draft syllabus, letters of approval from the appropriate Dean and Department Chair, a library review, and some justification following the new course proposal document.

In general, experimental course proposals must be submitted and approved in the Spring to join the following academic year's schedule. Fall semester submissions allow faculty to formulate new course offerings which have a very slight probability to be included in the Spring semester but will also typically be planned for the next academic year. 

Process for Approving New Courses Within a New or Revised Degree Program (adopted Oct 2011)

Individualized Major Guidelines - Approval Process

Individualized Major - Proposal Guidelines

A student who believes his/her academic needs and purposes would be better served by a distinctive program of studies may present an individualized major plan.  Besides fulfilling requirements for a major, this plan must satisfactorily lead the student toward the goal of liberal education which the College sees as essential for all of its graduates. Students wishing to pursue an individualized major must submit their proposal to the chair of the Undergraduate Educational Policies Committee for approval.

2013-2014 MEMBERSHIP

Anna Novakov,  Chairperson
Robert Gorsch, Vice Chairperson   
Molly Metherd                                                       
Mari-Anne Rosario                                                                  
Steve Bachofer                                                                       
Patrizia Longo 
Sam Lind
Ellen Rigsby, Director of Collegiate Seminar
Sue Fallis, Director of January Term
Linda WobbeLibrary representative 
Claude Malary, Senate Liaison




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