Students pursuing the major in International Studies must complete the required lower and upper division courses as set forth below.

The program consists of five major requirements: lower and upper division coursework, the completion of a minor in the social sciences or modern languages, a semester long study abroad experience, intermediate proficiency in a foreign language, and a Senior Thesis.

  • Lower Division Coursework: five classes
  • Upper Division Coursework: six classes (includes Senior Thesis)
  • Foreign language intermediate fluency:  demonstrated by passing through Level 4 of college level language instruction.
  • Semester long study abroad in your region of study
  • Completion of a Minor in anthropology, economics, history, modern languages, or politics
  • Senior Thesis (research project) on a topic of your choice


HOT SHEET for GRS, Spring 2014

(Hot Sheet lists courses offered during the semester that meet GRS requirements)

 Lower Division Requirements:

Anthro 1:  Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (2 sections)

Econ 3:  Principles of Micro-Economics (2 sections)

Econ 4:  Principles of Macro-Economics (9 sections)

History 2:  World History (1 section)

Politics 1: Introduction to Comparative Politics (1 section)

Courses Fulfilling IAS requirements:

IAS 01: Intro to Global and Regional Studies TTH 9:45-11:20

**New Course for students interested in the NEW GLOBAL STUDIES TRACK**

**For incoming 2013 first year students and later, please refer to Global and Regional Studies info sheet.**

IAS 100 (will NOT be offered in Spring 2014)

Region: East Asia

Anthro 121: World Cultures: China (required for IAS majors focused on East Asia) TTH 1:15-2:50

History 162: Modern China TTH 11:30-1:05

Lit & Art:  Introduction to Japanese Culture (lower division .25 class) T 1:15-2:50

Politics: None

 **By Petition only: HIS 104: Contesting Histories of the Atom Bomb:

Truman vs. Godzilla TTH 3-4:35

Region: Europe

Anthro: None

History 110: Women in European History MWF 1-2:40

Lit & Art:  Eng 103: British Literature MWF 1-2:40

                 Span 121: 18th to Mid 20th Century Literature TTH 3-4:35

     ML 186: Italian Culture and Art, Renaissance to the Present TTH 1:15-2:50

 **By Petition onlyAH 145 Renaissance Art TTH 3-4:35

                                  FR 130- French and American Perspectives MWF 10:30-11:35

Politics: None

Region: Latin America                                            

Anthro:  None

Hist 155: Latin American Environmental History MWF 11:45-12:50

Lit & Art:  Span 161 Culture and Civilization of Latin America TTH 1:15-2:50

Politics:  None

 Other: (these courses may be of interest for IAS majors, but do not count towards IAS requirements):

POL 128: Dynamics of Terrorism TTH 9:45-11:20

POL 149: Politics of Immigration MWF 1-2:35

IAS-130:  Special Topics: Global Studies (World Cities in an era of Globalization) MWF 2:45-3:50

SOC 135: Global Immigration MWF 1-2:25

ANTH 128: Food and Culture TTH 11:30-1:05

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