Our graduate and professional faculty strive to uphold the highest standards of integrity within our academic community.

Graduate and Professional Academic Honor Code

  • Graduate and professional faculty and students are expected to read the academic honor code and to uphold our instituion's long-standing academic policies.  It is the reponsibilitly of staff, facutly and student members of our community to understand the code.  Faculty members are required to report academic dishonesty to the Graduate and Professional Academic Honor Council through the Coordinator.

Graduate and Professional Academic Honor Council

  • The Graduate & Professional Academic Honor Council reviews contested reports of suspected academic dishonesty by holding unbiased confidential review boards.  All students found in violation of the honor code are required to complete an eight-week AHC Integrity Seminar.

Rehabilitative "Integriy Seminar"

  • Our view that the reporting process is a learning process rather than a punitive pusnishment is demonstrated in our peer-to-peer AHC Integrity Seminar which is required for students that have been found in violation of the academic honor code.   This is an eight-week shared inquiry is designed to reinforce the negative consequences academic dishonesty has on our entire community and how degradation in the value of a SMC diploma affects us all.
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