The Honors Student Commission is the student governing body of the Saint Mary’s College Honors Program. The St. Mary's College Honors Program Student Commission affords Honors students the unique opportunity of  helping to make decisions about how the Honors Program should function as well as overseeing the day to day operations of the Honors program. In keeping with the SMC Honors Program student driven focus, the Commission brings together 12 students who work as a team to produce a variety of events benefitting the college community, and oversee the academic and social well-being of fellow Honors Program students.

We do this by lending our voices to issues regarding academics, exhibiting the Honors Program to the community, recruiting new Honors students, and bringing the unique students of the Honors Program together in both shared inquiry and just plain old fashioned fun. In fulfilling these duties, the Honors Commissioners develop diverse skill sets which they will be able to take with them into the world after St. Mary's. Most of all, the Commission offers students a unique opportunity to integrate themselves into and define a program such that it is truly responsive to its membership and serving the needs of every Honors student



Karen Trang

Karen Trang, Executive Commissioner

Hi, I'm Karen Trang, a senior Biochemistry major, and a Co-Executive Commissioner of the Honors Program. I love St. Mary's because St. Mary's provides me with tools and support to excel in the pursuit of my career as a physician scientist and as a well-rounded and responsible citizen of the world. I really love science and have spent all of my summers doing research and all of my free time doing nerdy things like listening to science podcasts or lurking in the r/AskScience forum on Reddit. When I'm not doing something school, career, or service related, I really enjoy reading, kickboxing, and training for my first half-marathon.

Justher Gutierrez

Justher Gutierrez, Executive Commissioner

Hello everyone! My name is Justher and I am one of your co-Executive Commissioners for the Honors Program. I am a Communication major and a French minor. I'm extremely passionate about media (television, newspapers, etc.) and the impact of representation within mainstream media - I actually did one of my honors contracts on white washing in Hollywood. In addition to being a part of the Honors Commission, I also work as an Engaged Learning Facilitator for CILSA. When I'm not doing stuff for the Honors Program or CILSA, I'm usually blogging or singing 90s pop songs to myself. I'm excited to finish my undergrad with all of the wonderful people in the program!



Ryan KeaneRyan Keane, Academic Commissioner

Ryan Keane is a third year Biology major, with a minor in Creative Writing. He is currently the Commissioner of Academics for the SMC Honors Program, as well as VP of St. Luke’s Pre-Health Society, President of the Knights of Columbus SMC chapter, a  General/Organic Chemistry tutor for freshmen, and an assistant researcher at SMC and Berkeley labs. He is very excited for the next academic year, and is eager to work with the student body to help reach their academic goals. In his spare time, he enjoys catching up with friends, working out, playing video games, catching up on TV shows, and sleeping.




Jaquelyn DavisJaquelyn Davis, Associate Academic Commissioner

Hi, my name is Jaquelyn Davis, but I go by Jaq! I am a junior majoring in English and minoring in Psychology. I will be serving as an Associate Academic Commissioner for the 2013-2014 academic year; I'm really excited to be collaborating with the rest of the brilliant commissioners to make the Honors Program better than ever this year! When I'm not busy with the commission, I work at the Center for Writing on campus and serve as the editor of Riverrun, SMC's creative writing magazine. In my spare time, you'll find me running the Lamorinda trails, listening to the Giants on the radio, or reading a good book somewhere outside on campus. I'm looking forward to a great year at SMC!

Noah O'Connor

Noah O'Connor, Associate Academic Commissioner

Noah doesn't have much to say for this page. If you talk to him in person, he'll likely have a whole lot to say, so I suggest going up to him and asking him about his Honors Commissioner bio. Some fun things to mention when in a conversation with Noah are: the sad state of Canada, why white mocha frappucinos are his favorite drink ever, and please, talk in-depth about Dr. Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Litzia Martin

Litzia Martin, Associate Recruitment Commissioner

My name is Litzia Martin. I am a Mathematics major and a Spanish minor. My goal is to become a math teacher. Most importantly, it is my goal to help others by sharing all that I know. I love spending time with my family during my free time and dancing my cares away. I look forward to a great school year together with all the wonderful member in the Honors Program.

Carina Novell

Carina Novell, Associate Recruitment Commissioner 

My name is Carina Novell and I am currently a sophomore. My intended majors are Economics and English (double major). Some things about me are that I run cross country and track here for the SMC D1 team and am the women's team captain. I also play the violin and love spending time with my sister and dog. I enjoy swimming and watching movies, as well as reading. 
I love Saint Mary's because it's such a close knit community where everyone is very supportive. I also like the small class sizes and accessibility to professors. Another aspect of the college that drew me here was the honors program and the ability for students to choose which class to make honors rather than be stuck to a set schedule.  :) 


   Bridget HannaBridget Hanna, Publicity and Technology Commissioner

Hey all, my name is Bridget and I am your Publicity and Tech Commissioner. I'm a senior English major with an emphasis in Dramatic and Film Arts. I love the community of Saint Mary's, but one of the greatest semesters I've been a student here has been the semester I spent abroad in Ireland. I highly recommend studying abroad to everyone, even if it's only for a Janterm: totally worth it. Being abroad inspired the travel bug in me, and I love exploring and traveling to new places but more specifically eating new foods. Whenever I'm not cooking or chowing down in my kitchen one can usually find me at the SMC Museum of Art or the Center for Writing Across the Curriculum. 


  Annisa HurtadoAnnisa Hurtado, Associate Publicity and Technology Commissioner

Hi! I’m Annisa Hurtado and I’m a sophomore Psychology major from Clovis, California. I’m am currently an Associate Commissioner for Publicity and Technology, and I’m really looking forward to getting more involved with the Honors Program this year! Some of my favorite things about Saint Mary’s include Jan Term, and the close proximity to C.R.E.A.M! In my free time (which isn’t often), you’ll probably find me painting my nails or watching Netflix.


Steven ColsonSteven Colson, Associate  Publicity and Technology Commissioner

My name is Steven Colson and I am an Associate Commissioner of Publicity and Technology for the Honors Commission. This is my second year at Saint Mary's and I am on track to major in English (Single Subject Matter Preparation) and minor in Communications. I am passionate about art, books, video games, movies, music, and basically every other creative means of expression. I like weird things and weird people. 

I love Saint Mary's because it forces me to slow down my thought processes, figure out what I really think, and how I really want to say it. I also love how so many different kinds of interesting people can be together in one cozy community. As an introverted (but not shy!) person I appreciate when people take the time and effort to communicate clearly, honestly, and openly. This is part of the reason why I am excited to help out with the Honors Programs' publicity and technology. Being an honors student is a lot of work so I am happy to help make things a little easier by at least getting everyone on the same page. I'm looking forward to this year!


Geno Urbano

Geno Urbano, Events, Service, and Finance Commissioner

  Hi! My name is Geno Urbano and I am the Commissioner of Social Events and Community Service. I am the person to go to if you have an idea for something you would like to do in Honors. I am a senior and I am a Biochemistry major with a minor in Math. I currently tutor in Assumption Hall for Chemistry and Math and I am a TA for the Chemistry labs. Apart from my busy schedule, I like to play video games or play the guitar. If you see me around campus, I may look like I am focused on something I'm reading or what I am listening to but you can always come up and say hi and chat for a bit.  


Martin Hall

Martin Hall, Events, Service, and Finance Commissioner

Martin Hall is a wonderful lady, but unfortunately he went on a wilderness trip into the rolling hills of Moraga, got lost, and no one has seen him since. Wild bunnies are controlling his living quarters, and we feaer those bunnies may be controlled by Nicolas Cage. If anyone sees Marty, please report him to your nearest Commissioner as he may be a danger to himself and other bunnies.


Brandynne Cho

Brandynne Cho, Associate  Events, Service, and Finance Commissioner

Brandy is a senior math major who is super excited to help put on events for the Honors program. She has been in the Honors program since freshman year, and has spent time in research, as a student-athlete, and in studying abroad. As a part of the Events Commission, one of her main goals this year is to organize low-key events that are easy to come to, relaxing, and fun. Some of Brandy’s favorite things are baking & chocolate, running, singing, and snowboarding.

Lukas Yanni

Lukas Yanni, Associate  Events, Service, and Finance Commissioner

Lukas Yanni is a 3+2 Engineering Major and the Honors Program’s Commissioner of Finance. He works closely with the Events Commissioners to come up with fun activities are be sure they are funded as best they can. He enjoys hiking, biking, backpacking, swimming, exploring (pretty much anything outdoors), catching up on TV shows, movies and documentaries, learning Spanish guitar, eating Mexican food, space exploration and science, and has a passion for history. He hopes the commission will open up opportunities to help others get more out of their education and provide students with fun and enriching activities.  


Robby Tabor

Robby Tabor, Associate  Events, Service, and Finance Commissioner

Robby Tabor is in the class of 2014 with a major in Physics and a minor in English. Originally from Vacaville, CA, Robby has become heavily involved with SMC events, serving on the Campus Activities Board for two years before joining the Honors Events Commission. When he isn’t planning the next mission of Humans vs. Zombies, he can be found analyzing Martian craters, sampling various types of chocolate, or playing Super Smash Bros. with his friends.

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