Honors Student Commission

The Honors Student Commission is the student governing body of the Saint Mary’s College Honors Program. The St. Mary's College Honors Program Student Commission affords Honors students the unique opportunity of  helping to make decisions about how the Honors Program should function as well as overseeing the day to day operations of the Honors program. In keeping with the SMC Honors Program student driven focus, the Commission brings together students who work as a team to produce a variety of events benefitting the college community, and oversee the academic and social well-being of fellow Honors Program students.

We do this by lending our voices to issues regarding academics, exhibiting the Honors Program to the community, recruiting new Honors students, and bringing the unique students of the Honors Program together in both shared inquiry and just plain old fashioned fun. In fulfilling these duties, the Honors Commissioners develop diverse skill sets which they will be able to take with them into the world after St. Mary's. Most of all, the Commission offers students a unique opportunity to integrate themselves into and define a program such that it is truly responsive to its membership and serving the needs of every Honors student



Reuben Delay

Reuben Delay, Co-Executive Commissioner

Hi all, my name is Reuben and I am a Senior in the Integral Program. I have a passion for languages so I am also pursuing a minor in Italian. I come from a small island in the Pacific Northwest and have come to love the personal and tight-knit community found at Saint Mary's. In my free time I enjoy getting outdoors playing any kind of sport under the sun, but mostly soccer, disc golf, mountain biking and snowboarding. I look forward to working alongside my fellow commissioners, and meeting whoever happens to be reading this!

P.S. I am always on the lookout to learn more about the Bay, so if you know of a cool spot for food, a view, or something worth checking out, please let me know!

Email: [email protected]


Carina Novell

Carina Novell, Co-Executive Commissioner

My name is Carina Novell and I am currently a Senior. My intended majors are Economics and English (double major). Some things about me are that I run cross country and track here for the SMC D1 team and am the women's team captain. I also play the violin and love spending time with my sister and dog. I enjoy swimming and watching movies, as well as reading. I love Saint Mary's because it's such a close knit community where everyone is very supportive. I also like the small class sizes and accessibility to professors. Another aspect of the college that drew me here was the honors program and the ability for students to choose which class to make honors rather than be stuck to a set schedule. :-)

Abigail StarkovichAbigail Starkovich,
Associate Academic Commissioner

Hello everyone! I'm Abbie, and I'm one of the Academic Commissioners of the Honors Program. I'm a Junior Economics major from Sacramento, California. I dance ballet, play oboe and flute, serve as treasurer of the SMC French Club, and sleep in far too much. I tend to overschedule myself, so I'm usually in class, at work, or buried under textbooks--if you see me in the library, say hi! I'm excited to meet everyone in the Honors Program!

Email: [email protected]



Ruth SylvesterRuth Sylvester, Associate Academic Commissioner

Hi all, my name is Ruth and I am an associate academic commissioner for the 2015-2016 academic year. I will be completing my senior year as an English major with an emphasis in medieval literature. I'm also working in the campus Center for Writing this year. I live on campus and can commonly be found in the library -- probably the 900s section -- outside class hours. I like old books, new friends, television programs about space (Doctor Who and Star Trek count!) and fiber crafts. And dessert. Did I mention dessert? I'm always thrilled to talk about Honors projects -- please drop by the library, or the Center for Writing, and say hello! Email: [email protected]



Alisa Sakakura

Alisa Sakakura, Associate Academic Commissioner

Hi!  My name is Alisa and I'm one of the Academic Commissioners for the Honors Program this year.  I'm a sophomore History major, Art Practice minor, from Stockton, California.  I love reading anything from poetry to novels involving dragons and sword-wielding princesses, writing my own stories, sketching, working in Photoshop, watching movies and TV (I also love discussing them!), shopping, and dancing.  Currently, I work at the Museum of Art here on campus (One of the best jobs ever!) so stop on by to say hi or email me with questions about Honors Program stuff!

Email: [email protected]

Brianna Nielson, Associate Recruitment Commissioner

Brianna NielsonHello! My name is Brianna Nielson, and I am an Associate Recruitment Commissioner. I’m from Phoenix, Arizona where we experience balmy (120-degree) summers. In other words, don’t be surprised if you find me wearing a jacket on a 75-degree day—that’s like winter for me! Anyways, I am a biology major, psychology minor, and strongly considering medical school. I can often be found studying, reading books about psychology, or rewatching my favorite TV shows (usually The West Wing). Also, I’m an avid coffee addict so my favorite thing to do is check out cool coffee shops. I’m excited for the school year and look forward to meeting you all!

Email: [email protected]



Mikayla TanMikayla Tan, Associate Recruitment Commissioner

Hi! My name is Mikayla Tan.  I am a second year student who is majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Mathematics. In addition to that, I am currently a TA for Chemistry 9 and a member of the St. Luke's Pre-health Club at SMC. My goal after Saint Mary's is to go to medical school.  In my spare time, I enjoy exercising (especially running), watching sports, reading, singing, doing volunteer service, and spending time with friends/family.  During my first year at SMC, I had the honor of being a part of SMC's Glee and Chamber Choir, and I was able to sing with them in Carnegie Hall last spring. 

Email: [email protected]

Cody UptonCody Upton, Associate Events Commissioner

Hello! My name is Cody Upton and I am a Sophomore Biology major from Sacramento, California. I really enjoy learning about science and I intend on going to medical school. I dream of one day becoming an ER Doctor at a Level 1 Trauma Center. For extracurricular activities, playing guitar has been my passion for the past 10 years and I'm constantly striving to become a better musician. I also enjoy hiking, fishing, going to concerts, volunteering, and working out. I'm currently a member of the Saint Luke's Pre-Health Society here on campus. I'm really looking forward to another great school year and the chance to meet some more new faces!

Email: [email protected]

Ben Schepergerdes, Associate Events Commissioner

Ben SchepergerdesHi! My name is Ben Schepergerdes and I am a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry with hopes to attend Medical School in the future. In addition to serving in the Honors Program, I am also a part of the Knights of Columbus, St. Luke’s Pre-Health Society, and am involved in Mission and Ministry on campus. I am a HUGE college football fan and enjoy playing sports just as much as watching them. Feel free to say hello if you see me on campus, I’m just as goofy as I look!

Email: [email protected]


 Rosemary Cook, Associate Events Commissioner Rosemary Cook

Rosemary Cook is a Junior from Martinez, California pursuing a double major in English and Sociology. She is dedicated to service and hopes to pursue a career in criminal justice to continue being an advocate for positive change in both her local and global communities. She absolutely loves the community she’s become a part of here at Saint Mary’s and is excited to be more involved as the Honors Events Commissioner this year!

You can usually find her working in the SMC Bookstore, building sets for plays or rehearsing shows in the theater, in her room reading, writing, watching crime dramas and the Food Network, or playing board games with her friends.

Email: [email protected] 

Matt Monet


Matt Monet, Associate Events Commissioner

Hello! My name is Matt Monet, I am a Allied Health Sciences major. I recently received my certificate to be a CNA (Certified Nurse's Assistant), but, ironically, I do not want to be a nurse; right now, my goal is to be a Physician Assistant. I have a passion for volunteering and, overall, I just love helping people. Also, when I'm not working hard for the Honors Program, I like to read, dance, run, think about zombies, watch Netflix, play video games, and indulge in the world of anime and manga.

Email: [email protected] 

  Alyson RunkeAly Runke, Associate Publicity and Technology Commissioner

My name is Aly Runke and I am a senior in the Integral program. I am a publicity and technology commissioner for the honors program as well as the newsletter editor. I also work in the library, am involved in the Intercultural center, Women's Resource Center, and am president of the Wine Club. I freelance writer for SuperVillainNetwork.com and am the newsletter editor for the nonprofit organization, The World Academy for the Future of Women, where I interned this past summer as their Global Outreach Coordinator. I am a huge book nerd and sew costumes in my spare time.

Email: [email protected] 


Alec AndoyanAlec Andoyan, Associate Publicity and Technology Commissioner

My name is Alec Andoyan and I will be serving as one of the Associate Publicity and Technology Commissioners for the 2015-16 academic year. I am a Junior majoring in Biology, with goal of working in medicine. Besides my dedication to the Honors Commission, I will be a general chemistry lab assistant, volunteering at the local hospital and working at Student Disabilities Services. In my free time in enjoy reading, listing to music and doing nothing. I am really excited for the school year and looking forward to a great year. 

Email: [email protected]


Bianca MianiBianca Miani, Associate Publicity and Technology Commissioner

Hello beautiful! My name is Bianca, I am a Biochemistry major. I really enjoy art, whether it is digital or on paper. I LOVE science, a lot. I would like to be a Forensic Scientist (I get mixed reactions with that). I also really like to watch Netflix, play some video games, read books, and hang out when I am not in lab. I would like to get more involved with SMC and hope that I can bring forth the awesomeness in the Honor's Program and show the enthusiasm I see here. Don't be shy!

Email: [email protected]



Dimitri QuaglieriniDimitri Quaglierini, Associate Publicity and Technology Commissioner

My name is Dimitri Quaglierini and I am a junior in the Integral Program. One of my main passions is sports, specifically baseball and basketball. Go Yankees! When I am not watching sports, I can be found working at the library on campus and serving as a Residential Advisor up the hill in Ageno West along with being a member of the Santiago Community. When I have time to relax I love to read, swim, and play soccer. An aspiration I have had since I was young kid is to attend the University of Notre Dame for law school. I have grown up always rooting for Notre Dame and in two years I hope to make South Bend, Indiana my new home.

Email: [email protected]