2012 National Finalist


The perfect geometric design
Of a honeycomb,
The layered and embellished swirls
Of a seashell,
Or the changeling skin
Of an evasive octopus.
Is there an invisible force
Morphing the DNA
Of the embryos in the womb?
In order to create the shingled look
Of the bark on a tree,
There must be.
The bioluminescent organs of the deep ocean
Creatures make the murky depths shine
Blue with millions of star-like orbs.
A masterpiece created by Nature.
The crimson sunsets paint a bloody aura
Over the Sahara, the deepest hues
Of blue blanketing the Himalayas,
Emerald waves of prairie grass
Shimmered the jeweled land.
The Earth a bio-dome of creativity
In the remote bleakness of space.


Trevor Anderson, age 17
Duson, Louisiana

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