The Service Desk in the Library (St. Albert Hall) includes a Tier 1-2 team of two permanent Client Support Technicians.  (Hours avaialble are Monday - Friday from 7:30am - 7:30pm). Our techs are certified for Dell and Apple computers and maintain and support all desktop computers ands laptop computers owned by the College.

When you call the Service Desk at extension 4266, your issue will be immediately reviewed by one of our Client Support Technicians. It will be prioritized, taking into account the severity of the problem you reported, and the impact it has on the community (one user impacted, many users impacted). Our goal is to resolve the vast majority of problems that prevent users from doing their job immediately.

Classroom emergencies have the highest priority for our Client Support Team. A Client Support Technician will arrive within 5 minutes of your call to the Service Desk (extension 4266), and aim to have the problem resolved in the next 10 minutes. If that fails, temporary (replacement) equipment may be provided to keep your class going.

Critical Issues usually make it impossible for an SMC employee to do her or his job. Client Support Technicians try to resolve critical issues within one business hour.

Our next priority level are Urgent Issues. An example of this category includes problems for which there is a work-around, but which still require elimination of the root cause. Typically these are resolved within eight business hours.

The last level of priority are Routine Issues. Depending on the total volume of issues, we intend to resolve Routine Issues within 3 business days. An example of this category would be the installation of the latest version of Microsoft Office. The user typically has an older version of Microsoft Office they can use. Through automation of routine tasks we hope to reduce the time needed for routine issues to the absolute minimum.

If the Service Desk cannot resolve your issue we will assign it to someone who can, this is called Tier 2-3 Support. An example includes, issues with a server where the systems administrator (Tier 2-3) or a vendor must provide the solution, because the Client Support Technicians do not have the authorization to make any changes themselves.

Of course, from time to time, issues will arise that require purchasing equipment, software, action by a third party or another department in IT Services. We will stay in communication with you until the issue is fully resolved.

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