Stories from Jan Term Classes.

  • Race, Culture and Power in Children's Books

    "If life is a story seventh grade is when the plot thickens" " says Professor Mitali Perkins. Perkins led students as they searched for real-world issues that are hidden below the surface in young teen literature.

  • Community Engagement in Sri Lanka: A Virtual Immersion Experience

    Without ever leaving the classroom, participants interacted with young students and instructors in Sri Lanka in a virtual immersion course made possible by technology like Skype.

  • How Baking Works: A Tasty Way to Explore Science

    Most people don't view eating a cupcake or a cinnamon roll as educational, but this class learned about the chemistry and biology behind our love of tasty baked goods as they ate their way to scientific discoveries.

  • If You Ain't Got That Swing

    Forget sitting in a classroom! These students learned about the history of swing music and then danced the night away to the tunes of the Big Band greats.

  • Eat Your Words: Adventures in Food Writing for the Epicurious

    Students made the leap from food consumer to connoisseur as they traveled around the Bay Area trying out mouth-watering delights and documenting their eats. Student Thomas Vo shares his philosophy on food writing in his Food Fight Blog at

  • Crops, Cash, and Crossing Borders: Food Justice in Nicaragua

    In this hands-on class, students lived with Nicaraguan families and worked on coffee plantations while learning about the importance of cocoa and coffee to the national economy.

  • Television Genre Busters: Genres, Conventions and the Shows That Cross Them

    Students in this class will never look at shows like The Office and Modern Family in the same way after learning how these pseudo-documentaries cross genre lines and validate or confront our view of reality

  • Spirituality & Politics of U2

    Ever listen to a U2 song's lyrics closely? Students in this class did, and they found powerful messages of spirituality and politics in some of the rock band's hit songs.

  • Barbarians!!!

    Students brought history alive as they reenacted a barbarian battle complete with armor and swords and learned about the worlds of the Vikings, Celts and Huns.

  • Battle of the Beverage Titans: Coffee vs. Tea and Wine: From A to Zin

    Students went way beyond the Starbucks experience and the Napa Valley wine tour as they learned about the chemistry and ethno-botany of some of their favorite beverages. Of course, there were tastings!

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