Once you have applied online and submitted all application material, the following materials will be needed in order to receive an unconditional acceptance into the Kalmanovitz School of Education.

Applicants to the graduate degree programs (excluding the Doctorate in Educational Leadership) must also pass the Writing Proficiency Exam and EDUC 500 or COUN 500 for unconditional acceptance. Other factors that contribute to acceptance into a certificate, credential, and a graduate degree program include the following:

  • Successful Admissions Interview. Screening entry interviews are also given serious consideration in the admission process. Admissions counselors and faculty will look for evidence of fit with the proposed objective, including both measurable criteria and intangible qualities such as personality, motivation, and commitment. 
  • Related Experience. Experience in any field related to success in teaching, counseling, or administration will be carefully evaluated. The experience may have been acquired through volunteer work or paid employment. 
  • Successful completion of the CBEST. Prior to full admission to a specific CA credential program (not required for Montessori programs), the applicant must either be registered for the next administration of the CBEST (or another CCTC-approved test option) or have already taken the examination and provided a copy of the results to the appropriate program. It is not possible to earn a teaching credential, a PPS Credential or an Administrative Credential in California without a pass. Applicants are required to have begun fulfilling one of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing-approved options for the California Basic Skills Requirement as part of the application process. Go to www.cbest.nesinc.com for more information. 
  • Successful completion of the CSET. To help ensure success in a teaching credential program, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) now requires that you have taken, or be registered to take, the appropriate Subject Matter Exam, prior to admittance (not required for Montessori programs). Please check the exam website to determine the appropriate exam, www.cset.nesinc.com (Single Subject candidates have the option to complete an approved subject matter program in place of testing.) Participation in the credentialing programs of study noted above is limited to certain basic courses until the student has passed the required exams. (Doctoral applicants please see Doctoral Application Instructions following KSOE Application for Admission for Admission form for GRE requirements.) 
  • State of California Clearance Requirement. It is a requirement by state law that every participant in a basic credential program undergoes a moral fitness/fingerprint clearance check by the California Commission onn Teacher Credentialing (CTC). Before being officially admitted to a KSOE credentail preparation program (Multiple Subject, Single Subject, Education Specialist, Tier I, School Counseling or School Psychology), you must have have applied for and paid for a Certificate of Clearance to be issued by the CTC. That means the candidate has done a live scan for CTC, and then has paid for the document on the CTC Website. If the person does not answer yes to one of the fitness questions, the document is usually issued in 1-3 days after payment. If a yes answer is supplied, clearance can take up to 6 months or more. The document must be issued prior to the start of any student teaching or practicum assignment. (For more information, see the State of California Clearance Requirement)
  • Verification of Experience.   CL-41 Verification of Experience is a document ONLY required from applicants to the Tier 1 Educational Leadership Credential Program and the Master of Arts in Teaching Leadership Program. 
  • Grade Point Above Average.** For the certificate, credential, and master's degree programs, an undergraduate grade point average of 2.8 or better is expected for admission. A grade point average of 3.5 or better (or comparable evidence of academic achievement or potential) is required for acceptance into the Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership degree program. (See the section in the Program Handbook and Catalog on the Educational Leadership Program page for more information.) Close attention is paid to the undergraduate record, especially all courses related to the proposed field of study, and to all graduate-level courses.

**If an applicant's undergraduate grade point average falls below 2.8, but the applicant is strong in other areas, factors including the candidate's age and experience, the institution from which he or she graduated, and the grade point average within the major will be considered. Under these circumstances, an applicant may still be admitted conditionally. Typically, conditional admittance requires that a grade-point-average of 3.0 or better be attained in all courses undertaken during the first semester of work. The student will then be considered for unconditional acceptance.

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