Dance South Africa

Cape Town—April 11-26, 2015

Ten-year-old boy in Khayelitsha prepares for his pirouette.

This travel course will take LEAP students to the rainbow nation of South Africa to work with a diverse group of young dancers. Emphasis will be placed on designing and producing on-site dance intensives that include technique classes as well as repertory and choreographic workshops. Intended educational outcomes reach far beyond the steps to reveal larger social issues; special activities will be offered to raise awareness in the LEAP students about the challenges facing underprivileged youth in the townships. Preparatory coursework (readings, film, and discussion) will explore the topics of South African culture, lifestyle, and history. A rich cultural exchange and reciprocation of learning is anticipated.

Upper Division, 3 units

Students will be enrolled (at their regular LEAP tuition rate) in either:
—PERFA 197 Independent Study or
—PEFRFA 198 Senior Project

Additional Course Fee: $1850
Covers guest house accommodations, all breakfasts, some meals, local transportation, cell phones, some excursions, tips, and mandatory medical insurance.

Annie Colbeck teaches a jazz class in the township of Nyanga.

"I have never learned more about the world or myself in a school course."
—Jean Michelle Sayeg

"This experience changed my life."
—Keelan Whitmore

“Teaching with my American colleagues was an education in itself. I learned much about the art of teaching dance from the other teachers, and I was able to put those new tools into use during my classes.”
—Aaron Perlstein

"Going to South Africa was what I needed at this point in my career and life to remind me how much I love dance."
—Sarah Van Patten

“My experience in South Africa was nothing short of eye opening, electrifying and inspiring. My mind and heart are full of hope, support and love for the students we met.”
—Emily Wagner 

“I learned a great deal about myself, about Africa, and about the language of dance.”
—Garen Scribner

“Woven into the fabric of a physically and emotionally demanding teaching routine were golden threads of inspiration; magic moments that lead me to claim this course as a pivotal experience in my personal and professional development.”
—Alejandro Piris Niño

Odwa Makanda rehearses A Garden by Mark Morris, taught by Garen Scribner.

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 The Contra Costa Times

 Imaginemag (South Africa)  


 From the 2011 course:


Alejandro Piris Niño teaches ballet class at Dance For All in Athlone. LEAP teachers having fun at the Waterfront in Cape Town!
Olivia Ramsay stands at the end of Africa to see the Atlantic Ocean meeting the Indian Ocean. Kristine Elliott refines hands in arabesque in class at Dance For All.
Boys in passé. Four communities come together in a final performance at the Cape Academy of Performing Arts

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Photos by:
Ann Colbeck
Alison Foat, Diva PR
Claire Sheridan
Robin Elam-Rye
And the Dance South Africa LEAP students