Renew materials

You can easily renew your materials online.

Albert Search

Search Albert to find books, movies, etc..

Advanced Search

Step 1)  Go to the patron information page on Albert to begin.

Step 2)  Enter your SMC Login and password

Step 3)  Click on the link "x Item(s) checked out"

Step 4)  Check the box for each item you want to renew, and click "Renewal Selected"



Step 1) Select the Renew button on the Albert search box 

Step 2) Enter your SMC Login and password and follow the remaining steps as noted above


Your new due date will appear on the screen, or you will see a message if you were not able to renew the materials.  Call the Circulation Desk if you have any problems or questions, at (925) 631-4229.

IMPORTANT:  If renewing Link+ books, check back the next day to make sure the renewal was completed.  Unlike materials in Albert, Link+ books must be reviewed by the lending institution before they are renewed.  If a book is on hold or recalled at the lending institution, the renewal will be denied and the book must be returned immediately.