Couldn't find what you need in the collection? Don't worry. You can borrow books, videos, and articles from other libraries.

Link+ Link+ is a consortium of libraries within California and Nevada. Search the catalog to make a request. Books and videos are delivered in less than a week for pick-up at the Circulation desk or a participating pick-up library. Call (925) 631-4229 or download our service guide for more information.
ILLiad Create an ILLiad account to borrow items from other libraries located throughout the nation. Articles and book chapters are posted online in 2-3 business days. Books and videos can be picked up at the Circulation desk within 2 weeks. Call (925) 631-4229 or download our service guide for more information.
NCCPL The Northern California Consortium of Psychology Libraries joins together small library and information centers which serve psychology and mental health communities. About 15 libraries participate in the reciprocal borrowing program, and this service requires a referral from the Circulation desk. Please call (925) 631-4624 for more information.
University of California, Berkeley Full-time faculty can get free borrowing privileges at UC Berkeley.  Here is more information on the privileges. To begin the process of getting permissions, you may wish to consult with the Dean of Academic Resources about your research needs. Then, write up a letter similar to this example on Saint Mary's College letterhead, and take it to the Provost's office for a signature.


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