"Wellness is an interactive process of becoming aware of and practicing healthy choices to create a more successful and balanced lifestyle." (DePaul University)

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Background and In-Depth Information

Books are a great way to get started with research. You can find all of print books, e-books, and videos by search our online catalog for specific keywords:

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1. Pay specific attention to books with medical association or known science and university press publishers, such as Wiley, Springer, or Harvard University.

2. Do a quick Internet search for the author to see if he or she holds an MD, PhD, MEd, MPT, or other applicable degree.


Reference books (encyclopedias and handbooks) are another great way to get started on a new topic. You can find all reference material by search Albert, and limiting to “Reference Sources” in the pull down menu. Listed below are just a few helpful resources:

Finding Articles (databases)

First stop for exercise and fitness:

First stop for health and nutrition:

More advanced health: 

1. Start BROAD (i.e., diabetes, cardiovascular fitness, high protein diet), and use the "limits" to narrow to age group, sex, type of research, etc.

2. Remember to focus on the last 5-10 years of research for health-related topics. 

3. Note any subject headings and "MeSH headings" you see in relevant articles that you find; using those words as your search terms will help target for search better.

Following up on studies

Did you read some claim about a new super fruit? Find a citation to a study on exercise preventing chronic illness? Follow-up by finding the original study.

Search our periodicals list by title to see the latest articles and archived issues in magazines, journals, newspapers and more.


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Wellness Newsletters

Browsing university and institute "Wellness Letters" is a great way to stay up-to-date on current trends in health, fitness, and nutrition, without some of the commercial bias of popular magazines. The following are a few of those accessible at SMC: 




(available in print in the library only;

select articles available online



Statistics and data

Up to date health statistics are best found using govenment and association websites, such as the Centers for Disease Control or National Institutes of Health.

Find sites by searching Google and adding "site:gov" to the box; that will limit to government websites.  

Google site:gov example

Change that to "site:org" to get national associations or "site:edu" to get academic institutions. (But be careful, so shadey groups can have .org address. Be critical and stick to nationally known organizations.

Consumer health information

Questions about your own health and wellness? Use the resources around you!

See Related Links (on the right side bar of this page) for links to campus resources.

And don't forget the wealth of information available from the local health care systems, such as Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health.

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