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  • about Paul

    Paul's learning journey is framed by inner and outer influences of his experience, such as the external privilege and internal truncation inherent in being a white American (since birth), or the complications on both intrapersonal and social levels attending living with a disability (since 1992).   

    A Baby Boomer who grew up in Seattle, other key scenes in his learning landscape include: being gay; being a dance-theatre artist; extensive international travel (including 6 years as an expat); and writing his doctoral dissertation (Reconciliating -- An Art-Based Inquiry: Autoethnographically Lacing Collective Movement Events Through Historical, Mediate, Epistemological, Ideological, and Societal Considerations, Critique, and Creation).
  • learning, practicing, and educating

    His interest is in the mutual influence between dimensions of the self and structures of social and cultural organizing, and in the body and movement's roles in that influence.   

    A key ongoing learning edge as a facilitator/educator is: how to improve the balances for robust collaboration?: acknowledging the need for/role of structure; fostering the practice of empowered contribution and risk-taking; while grounding in critical appreciation of the group's development.

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