These financial policies help us contain costs, establish better business practices and respond to audits. Policies have been developed for use College-wide.


Saint Mary's College uses the electronic billing system known as eBill. With eBill, an email notification is sent to your Saint Mary's email account each time a new bill is available. You can also authorize other payers (parents, spouses, etc.) to receive the email notification. We strongly encourage students to set up Authorize Payer profiles.

 It is the student's responsibiity for viewing and paying his/her bill by the due date.  Failure by the student to review the bill does not constitute a valid reason for not paying on time. 

Email is SMC's primary method of communication. All students must maintain and manage their SMC email accounts. Accounts with undeliverable email or returned email will be assessed a fee.


All students assume financial responsibility for any charges and/or fees posted to his/her account. All students also assume responsibility for understanding SMC's official policies concerning payment due dates, registration deadlines, unit load, financial policies and satisfactory academic progress.  

Students understand that when they register for any class at Saint Mary's College of California or receive any services, they accept full responsibility to pay all tuition, fees, and other associated costs assessed as a result of registration and/or receipt of services.  Students further understand and agree that their registration and acceptance of these terms constitutes a promissory note agreement in which Saint Mary's College of California is providing educational services, deferring some or all of the payment obligation for those services, and they promise to pay for all assessed tuition, fees, and associated costs by the assigned due date.

All charges are due and payable upon receipt of a statement from the Business Office.  A student failing to make payment will be denied registration and will be unable to attend class or campus facilities. A financial "hold" will be plaed on the account. Participation in commencement exercises will not be allowed, nor will a diploma, transcript of credit, or honorable dismissal be issued until all College bills have been paid in full. Transcripts will not be issued to former (or current) students with past due balances, including past-due balances on National Direct Student or Federal Perkins Loans. Further action may be taken for unpaid balances.

Withdrawal from College

Requests for refunds of tuition must be made in writing by the withdrawing student. Refunds are made each term to undergraduate students in the fall and spring semester and graduate/professional students, on a semester calendar, according to the following schedule: 85% tuition refund to the end of the first week of class; 80% tuition refund to the end of the second week of class; 75% tuition refund to the end of the fourth week of class. There is NO REFUND after the fourth week of the semester. Please click on the "Undergraduate Tuition Insurance" link for information about tuition insurance after week four of the semester or go to

January Term and Summer Session are subject to a different refund schedule. Please check with the Business Office for the current refund/drop policy on these terms.

Any room and/or board refund is issued based on the terms and conditions of the Residence Hall and Dining Hall License.  Please contact the Campus Housing Office directly at (925) 631-4241 for details.

LEAP students (Liberal Education for Arts Professionals) should contact their program director before withdrawing to determine the financial impact, if any.

Graduate Business students on a quarterly calendar and Leadership students on a trimester calendar are subject to a different refund policy. Please consult with your program director or contact the Business Office for details regarding any refund. 

Students receiving Federal Title IV aid will be subject to an earned aid calculation if their financial aid has posted to their student account prior to their withdrawal from the College. ANY REFUND RESULTING FROM FINANCIAL AID ISSUED TO A STUDENT WHO HAS WITHDRAWN MUST BE RETURNED TO THE COLLEGE IMMEDIATELY.


All deposits (admission deposits, housing deposits, etc.) are NON-REFUNDABLE, including travel deposits, unless the course is cancelled. Exceptions due to emergencies must be made, in writing, and submitted to the Business Office. Petitions under these circumstances will be considered after all expenses have been paid. Graduate and professional student deposits are also NON-REFUNDABLE.

Late Payments

Saint Mary's College may impose late fees on any outstanding balances. SMC reserves the right to demand payment, in full, for subsequent terms of enrollment prior to the beginning of each term.

Collection Agency Fees

Students understand and accept that if they fail to pay their bill or any monies due and owing to Saint Mary's College of California by the due date and they fail to make acceptable payment arrangement to bring their account current, Saint Mary's College of California may refer the delinquent account to a collection agency.  The student is responsible for paying the collection agency fee which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33% together with all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees necessary for the collection of their delinquent account. Furthermore, delinquent accounts may be reported to one or more of the national credit bureaus.

Returned Check Policy

If a payment is returned unpaid for any reason, the check will automatically be re-deposited with a $25 returned check fee. If payment is returned a second time, the face value of the check will be placed back on the student's account with another $25 returned check fee and considered NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds). Any eCheck payment returned for non-sufficient funds will also incur an additional $25 returned check fee on the student's account. A financial “hold” will be placed on the account and late fees will accrue until payment, in full, is received. Classes are in danger of being dropped because of invalid or returned payments especially if an invalid payment was made in order to allow for registration. Suspension of future eligibility to register for classes at Saint Mary's College may occur.

Payment in certified funds for the original amount of the returned item and any applicable fees will be required. SMC reserves the right to drop unpaid classes resulting from payments made by non-sufficient funds.

Please note: Personal check privileges will be permanently revoked after two payments are considered NSF. Only payments in certified funds will be accepted after two NSF checks.

Past Due Balances

Students who have an unpaid balance with SMC may not register for subsequent terms, receive transcripts or diplomas. A "hold" will be placed on the student's account and monthly late fees will accrue until payment, in full, is received or futher action is taken. Students with poor payment histories are required to pay, in full, at the time of registration for any charges related to tuition and fees. Accounts assigned to third party collection agencies are required to pay any balance at the agency in addition to full payment upfront for any new registration at SMC. Transcripts will NOT be issued to current or former students with past due balances, including past-due balances on Direct Student Loans or Federal Perkins Loans. Saint Mary's College will assign delinquent accounts to collection agencies. Please see above information under "Collection Agency Fees".

 Saint Mary's College further reserves the right to recover all costs involved with collection due to nonpayment of the outstanding balance. Students must agree to reimburse SMC the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33% of the debt, including reasonable attorney's fees.  Interest will also accrue at 10% per annum based on California Statute.

***Delinquent accounts may be reported to one or more of the national credit bureaus***

Loan Refunds and Overpayments

Loan refunds will be made after crediting financial aid funds students have accepted against initial charges to the student's billing account including, but not limited to, tuition, mandatory fees, payment plans, room and board, course material fees, etc. and the remaining balance (if any) will thereafter be refunded to the student. The credit balance refunded after deduction of the initial charges on a student's billing account may not reflect additional and subsequent charges and fees that may be incurred AFTER receiving a refund of the net balance. The refund of the remaining credit balance is not intended as a final accounting of all charges incurred and any additional charges not deducted from the financial aid funds and not reflected in the balance refunded must be timely paid. 

Refunds will only be issued once all payment plan installments are satisfied.  Student's receiving financial aid to cover allowable charges for the semester must use their aid to pay off their monthly payment plan *prior* to any refund (if any) being issued.

All non-allowable charges such as late fees, traffic fines, library fines and other miscellaneous fees will also be covered unless the borrower declines this authorization. If the student or borrower declines or chooses not to authorize the College to apply Title IV funds to non-allowable charges, the student borrower must contact the Business Office and complete the Federal Funds Authorization form. The student will be billed separately for any non-allowable charge(s) appearing on his/her student account ONLY if the Federal Funds Authorization Form is completed and submitted to the Business Office.

Refunds will only be issued on credit balances. Refunds of overpayment may be requested in person or in writing to the Business Office. Overpayments are not automatically refunded. Refunds from Federal Loan proceeds (if any) will be issued within 14 days of disbursement. If the disbursement creates a credit, the refund will be issued to the borrower of the loan. Once the academic term begins, refunds will be available on Tuesday or Thursday. Refunds will NOT be processed prior to the beginning of the term or for any pending aid that has not yet disbursed.

Students have the option to pick up their refund, have it mailed to the address on file, or electronically deposited to the bank account of their choice. Refunds will NOT be mailed to campus housing. During the first two weeks of each semester, refunds are held for pick-up in the Business Office unless the student has signed up for eReimbursement. This can be done by logging into GaelXpress and clicking MY BANK ACCT - eREIMBURSEMENT. Any check not picked up within the first two weeks of each semester will automatically be mailed to the permanent address on file.  If the student is no longer eligible to receive financial aid or student loans, his/her account will be adjusted accordingly. Any refund received from these funds must be reimbursed to Saint Mary’s IMMEDIATELY.

* Credits resulting from Federal Parent PLUS loans will be issued to the parent borrower. Parents are not eligilbe for eReimbursement

            * Refunds will not be processed until a credit appears on the account and all charges, including TMS    budgets, are paid in full.

Financial Aid Withdrawal & Refund Policy

In the event that a student drops classes or leaves Saint Mary’s College of California, an on-line formal withdrawal must be processed with the Registrar's Office. The student should also contact the  Financial Aid Office to fully understand any ramifications to their student aid.

Return of Title IV Funds is a federally mandated policy that applies only to students who receive federal financial aid and who withdraw, drop out, are dismissed, or take a Leave of Absence prior to completing 60% of a term. The Return of Title IV Funds policy does not apply to students who reduce their units and remain enrolled. Return of Title IV Funds will be used to determine how much aid, if any, must be returned to Title IV  programs. The Title IV funds considered in the policy are the Federal Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan, Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, and the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan. The policy does not apply to the Federal Work-Study program.

The Return of Title IV funds calculation identifies two types of federal aid, earned and unearned. The earned aid is based on a percentage calculated by dividing the number of days the student completed by the number of days in the payment period. A student who remains enrolled beyond the 60% point earns all disbursed (received) and disbursable aid. Disbursable aid includes aid received and the aid that could have been (but was not) disbursed as of the withdrawal date. If earned aid exceeds disbursed aid, a post-withdrawal disbursement may be made. Saint Mary’s College of California will first credit post-withdrawal disbursement not credited to school charges. Within 30 days of determination that the student withdrew, the student will be provided with a written notification of any post-withdrawal funds that are available to the student. No post-withdrawal disbursement will be made if the student does not respond within 14 days of the notification date.

Unearned aid is any disbursed aid that exceeds the amount of Title IV aid the student earned. The unearned aid amount is to be returned to the U.S Department of Education, a responsibility shared by Saint Mary’s College of California and the student. This may create a balance owed on a student’s tuition billing account. The student is responsible to pay the amount owing on their billingaccount.

Saint Mary’s College of California will return its share of unearned funds no later than 45 days after it determines that the student withdrew. Students must repay their share according to the terms and conditions stated in their promissory note(s). Funds returned to U.S  Department of Education by Saint Mary’s College of California will be distributed first to the Federal Unsubsidized Loan then to the Federal Subsidized Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Graduate PLUS Loan, Federal PLUS (Parent) Loan and finally to the Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), TEACH Grant, and  Iraq/Afghanistan Service Grant.

This policy is based on 34 CFR, Section 668.22 of Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1964, as amended. The formula is prescribed in Section 484(b).

Federal Perkins Loan Borrowers Entrance/Exit Counseling Requirement

Federal law requires that all new Federal Perkins Loan borrowers complete an Entrance Counseling test before the loan is disbursed. The Perkins Entrance counseling can be completed by going to iGrad at   scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Loan Entrance Counselor" then Sign Up by entering your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Create a Password.

When Federal Perkins Loan borrowers graduate or cease to be enrolled for at least the half-time requirement, they must complete an Exit Counseling session at Saint Mary's College. This Exit counseling can be done in person at the Business Office or by going to one of three sessions set up on-campus during the end of April and early May.  Please contact the Federal Perkins Loan Coordinator in the Business Office for details.

Undergraduate Declaration for Part-Time Enrollment

Students matriculate into Saint Mary's College of California as full-time enrolled students.  After matriculating into the College, students may choose to participate on a part-time basis due to extenuating circumstances.  In these instances, the student must complete a Declaration of Part-Time Enrollment Status that is available in the Business Office.  Part-time enrollment is defined as enrollment in LESS than 7.0 course units in an academic year (fall-January-spring terms).  Part-time enrollment is NOT calculated on a semester basis, with two exceptions:

1.  Graduating seniors registered in a fall semester ONLY with less than three course units needed to complete graduation requirements.  Seniors are required to submit a Declaration of Part-Time Enrollment Status, when appropriate.

2.  New students who begin their Saint Mary's College enrollment in the spring semester for less than three course units (this is usually not permitted).  New spring enrolled students wishing to enroll part-time are required to submit the declaration form with appropriate signatures.

***If a student is enrolled in LESS THAN 7 classes for the full academic year, they may petition to be part-time.  This would be a 2-1-2 scenarios or a 2-0-2.
***If a student is enrolled in LESS THAN 3 classes for ONE semester only, they may petition to be part-time.  This is 2 or 2.25 or 2.50  with no Jan term and no spring term.

The Declaration of Part-Time Enrollment Status must be submitted to the Business Office, with all appropriate signatures, by the end of the drop/add period in the semester that the student realizes she/he will be enrolled part-time for the academic year.  The Business Office will adjust the student's tuition in accordance with the current Part-Time Tuition rate, following the submission of an appropriately signed declaration form, and verification of the number of enrolled course units for the specific academic year.  Part-Time enrollment does NOT carry over to subsequent years.

Students who declare part-time status are not permitted to live on campus, participate in the tuition monthly payment plan, or enroll in the College sponsored medical insurance plan.  Students who drop to part-time status AFTER THE DEADLINE to waive the medical insurance will be liable for the full medical insurance charge.  Eligibility for financial aid will likely be affected by change of enrollment status and scheduled graduation or time to graduation may also be affected.

PLEASE NOTE: Part-time students are not eligible for SMC's Health Insurance Plan. Students who drop to part-time status after the deadline to waive the medical insurance has passed are liable for the full medical insurance charge. Additionally, Part-time students are not permitted to live on campus and are not eligible for the monthly payment plan with Tuition Management Systems (TMS). Eligibility for financial aid will be affected for part-time students AND GRADUATION FILING WILL ALSO BE AFFECTED.

Undergraduate Additional Course Fee

Each full-time undergraduate student is entitled to take 7.0-9.0 courses per year if paying full-time tuition. Students may spread the courses out over the fall, Jan, and spring terms. If a student attempts to take more than 4.0 in either fall or spring, and more than 1.0 in Jan term, he/she will be charged an additional course fee unless the additional course is a quarter credit. All elective quarter credits are billed at no charge to undergraduate students. Any other additional course (excluding quarter credits) will be billed as an additional course fee. This additional course fee will be reversed during the spring term if the student did not go over 9.0 attempted courses for the entire academic year. If, however, the student takes more than 9.0 total courses for the year, including courses withdrawn from after the add/drop period, the additional course fee must be paid.

SMC students attending Study Abroad Programs and Non-SMC programs will be charged an additional course fee if attempted credits exceed 4.0 for the fall/spring semesters and 1.0 for Jan term. See the below "Study Abroad" section for additional information or contact the Center for International Programs at (925) 631-4352 for full details.

Student Insurance

To ensure that all students have health insurance coverage, including basic sickness and accident insurance, the College has instituted a mandatory health insurance requirement for all full-time undergraduate students. Students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the College’s provided plan through Anthem Blue Cross. 

Every year, if you have comparable coverage, you must file a waiver with Saint Mary's College by going to  Be sure to print your confirmation page for your records. Once you have completed the waiver, Saint Mary's will credit your account for the premium. This will occur in 5 business days. The waiver must be completed on or before SEPTEMBER 10, 2014.  If you waive prior to receiving your opening eBill in early July, you will not see the charge on your bill at all! If you waive after you receive your opening eBill, the charge will be reversed up until September 10, 2014. No waivers will be accepted after September 10th.

PLEASE NOTE: The waiver opportunity will shut down on September 10, 2014. If you have NOT completed the waiver by September 10th, you will be insured for the FULL academic year with no other chance to waive. Once a student is enrolled, there are NO premium refunds. The cost of the annual medical insurance policy is estimated at $1,740 ($870 each term).  This charge is subject to change. The entire amount of $1,740 will be billed to your student account. A charge of $870 will be on your fall bill and a charge of $870 will be on your spring bill. No refunds will be made after the closure of the waiver process.  If you withdraw, file a leave of absence, or cease attending classes without having waived the insurance by the deadline, the insurance coverage will continue to the end of the semester regardless of whether you are enrolled in classes and you will be liable for the insurance fee.

ATTENTION: International students and U.S. citizens whose primary residence is abroad will NOT be able to waive the school insurance. Mandatory enrollment is required if your permanent address is abroad. Graduate and professional students are not eligible for the plan unless they are international students. All international students (graduate and/or undergraduate) and U.S. citizens whose primary residence is abroad are REQUIRED to enroll in the College sponsored plan and should visit the Center for International Programs for additional information.

Study Abroad

All study abroad students attending SMC programs are subject to the same policies and procedures as on-campus full-time students who are not traveling. You must be a full-time undergraduate student in good academic and financial standings to be eligible for any study abroad program through SMC. For more details regarding eligibility, please visit or call the Center for International Programs at (925) 631-4352.

An additional course fee will be assessed if attempted credits go above 4.0 course credits in the fall or spring semester(s) and/or 1.0 course in Jan term.  For more information regarding the additional course fee or tuition billing, please visit or call the Business Office at (925) 631-4209.

All study abroad students attending non-SMC programs will not receive a bill from SMC for the study abroad term. Payment must be sent directly to the host institution. A consortium agreement must be completed with the Financial Aid Office for those receiving aid through SMC. Please contact the Financial Aid office directly at (925) 631-4370. Please also contact the Center for International Programs at (925) 631-4352 for additional information related to study abroad programs, financial aid, insurance coverage, etc.

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