SENATE ACTIONS 2013-2014  -   [Click here to view the list of Senate actions and their status.]

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S-13/14-1 - Senate Rules of Procedure

S-13/14-2  -  FH revision of Sections (nominations) and (balloting)

S-13/14-3  -  FH amendment of Provost Position to Senior Vice President

S-13/14-4  -  AARC catalog language revision re: Major Field of Study

S-13/14-5  -  Provost to take issue of definition of Independent Studies to deans

S-13/14-6CA  -  Admissions and Academic Regulations Committee Rules of Procedure (updated for 2013-2014)

S-13/14-7CA  -  Core Curriculum Committee Rules of Procedure (updated for 2013-2014)

S-13/14-8CA  -  New Course Proposal KIN 14, Introduction to Public Health

S-13/14-9CA  -  New Course Proposal SOC 140, Senior Research Seminar

S-13/14-10  -   Undergraduate Educational Policies Committee Rules of Procedure

S-13/14-11  -  Faculty Handbook Revision, Sec, Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees
                         and Sec Academic Senate Past Chairperson

S-13/14-12  -  Chairs and Directors Proposal to be Placed on the Senate Agenda

S-13/14-13  -  Faculty Handbook Revision Sec The Consent Agenda

S-13/14-14  -  Program Review Committee Faculty Handbook Revisions

S-13/14-15  -  Program Review Committee Guidelines, Revised

S-13/14-16  -  Program Review Committee Academic Program Review Schedule

S-13/14-17  -  Elimination of Graduate/Undergraduate Designation for Elected Committees (Senate approval to proceed)

S-13/14-18  -  Discontinuance of the Master in Education Degree with an Emphasis in Interpersonal Communication

S-13/14-19CA  -  AH188 Applied Research: Community Service New Course Proposal

S-13/14-20CA  -  KIN122 Advanced Strength & Conditioning New Course Proposal

S-13/14-21CA  -  Proposal to Add a Health Promotion Track in Kinesiology

S-13/14-22CA  -  BusAd130: Sports Marketing Permanent Approval

S-13/14-23CA  -  Math 131: Topology New Course Approval

S-13/14-24CA  -  3+2 Engineering Core Proposal

S-13/14-25CA  -  Institutional Learning Outcomes - Master's Degree (ILOs)

S-13/14-26CA  -  Proposal to Change the Requirements in the Sport and Recreation Management Track in Kinesiology

S-13/14-27CA  -  New Course Proposal Perfa 181, Asian Dance

S-13/14-28      -  Senate resolution re: FH language for Department Chairs/Program Managers

S-13/14-29CA   -  New Course Proposal - TRS 127: In the Face of Mystery: Using Faith and Reason in the Search for God

S-13/14-30CA  -  New Course Proposal  -  Hist 114: Warfare in Medieval Europe

S-13/14-31CA  -  Proposal for a Modern Mathematics Major


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