Minor Requirements

Are you fascinated by religion? Did you enjoy a previous TRS course? Do you want to explore your own religious tradition — or others — in more depth?

Consider a minor in Theology & Religious Studies. We offer two great options!

Theology & Religious Studies Minor 

The minor in Theology & Religious Studies requires five courses:

 TRS 97: The Bible and Its Interpretation; or TRS 189: The Bible and Its Interpretation - Great Themes

 TRS 129: Fundamental Questions in Contemporary Theology; or TRS 169: Theory and Method  in the Study of Religion

And any three upper-division course selected with the guidance of the chair, one of which must be in intensive inquiry course (TRS 190-196)

"Intensive Inquiry" courses (classes numbered 190-196 in the SMC course catalog) are regularly offered in the various areas of study that make up the course offerings of the department. These courses give students the opportunity to engage in the kind of in-depth thinking and research that will best prepare them for graduate work in the field. 

Catholic Tradition Minor

The minor in the Catholic Tradition requires six courses:

TRS 97: The Bible and Its Interpretation; or TRS 189: The Bible and its Interpretation - Great Themes

Two of the following three courses, preferably in sequence:

     TRS 101: Origins of Christianity
     TRS 102: Medieval Christianity 
     TRS 103: Reformations

Either TRS 141: Christian Ethics; or TRS 143: Catholic Social Teachings

And two electives from a list of classes focusing on the Catholic tradition

The department strongly recommends that Catholic Tradition minors complete at least one of their upper division courses in an "Intensive Inquiry" class. (See the description of "Intensive Inquiry" courses above.)


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