How do our minds make sense of the world around us? How do our personalities develop and change over time? How do people change their behavior when in groups?These are some of the fascinating questions that psychologists get to explore.

You'll study the entire spectrum of psychological theories, experiments and problems, all while becoming immersed in both research and application. Our psychology students pursue both graduate studies and careers in counseling, education, business, law, and medicine.

New Undergrad Minor: Law and Society in the Politics Department

View the Law and Society Minor flyer. For more information, contact Hisham H. Ahmed, Ph.D. or visit the Politics website

New Program: Accelerated Master's of Business Program

This is a 1 year program open to any non-business major who has none to very little work experience. Application fee is waived for SMC students.  The tuition of $29,700 (exluding air fare to Seoul) covers the entire 1 year course, including 2 local field projects and the international business project to Seoul South Korea. 

For more information, contact Natasha Munshi or check out the M.S. in Management website.