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Festival of Colors: Holi Spring Interfaith Celebration

Our “Festival of Colors: Holi Spring Interfaith Celebration” is one of our most popular annual SMC Interfaith Events.

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Prison Religion Project

The Center engages the value of religious pluralism to address religious accommodation in prisons. » Prison Religion Project

Interfaith Leadership Programs

The Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism is taking the lead in the development of Interfaith Leadership programs at SMC » Interfaith Leadership Programs

The Center engages the value of religious pluralism with economic justice. Here, drawing on the world religions, Center Director Barbara A. McGraw is speaking on "The Moral Economy in Global Perspective" in Varanasi, India » Religious Pluralism & Economic Justice

One of the Center's interfaith initiatives is an annual interfaith speaking event. Eboo Patel, director of the Interfaith Youth Core, was our first interfaith speaker in 2009.
» Annual Interfaith Speaker Event

America's Sacred Ground

Director McGraw coined the term "America's Sacred Ground" for the American founders' framework and values, which have religious pluralism at their heart. » America's Sacred Ground

Religious Pluralism Engaging Political Culture, Public Policy, and the Professions

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Welcome to the Center

The Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism addresses issues in the public square by engaging religiously diverse perspectives to contribute to a more inclusive political culture, solutions to public policy issues, and the development of interfaith leaders among students and in various professions. For decades, U.S. popular political debate has been framed as an argument between religious right and secular left. That frame is becoming outmoded as an interfaith movement has begun to take hold in the U.S. and around the world, fostering greater understanding and cooperation among people of many faiths.

     Since 2008, the Center has contributed to that trend by advocating a different way to frame the popular political discourse through the “America’s Sacred Ground” project and providing opportunities for many religious viewpoints to be heard in a wide spectrum of settings. This work offers insights for creative, spiritually inspired approaches to public policy in areas such as prison inmate religious accommodation and economic justice, and cultivates  interfaith leadership and multifaith engagement in many sectors to further the value of pluralism.

"Conversations in the public square about religion too often are limited to a divide between the religious right and secular liberals. The Center strives to broaden the dialogue to include perspectives from all of the world's religions." -- Dr. Barbara A. McGraw, Director

Our Mission:

The Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism engages religiously diverse and non-faith perspectives (“engaged religious pluralism”) to promote interfaith awareness and interreligious understanding and thereby contribute to an enriched, religiously diverse national and international discourse on matters of public concern, as well as actions and policies consistent with that awareness and understanding, and to contribute to a more inclusive community at Saint Mary's College. In addition to events and projects that promote interfaith understanding and dialogue, the Center's activities cultivate effective interfaith leaders. 

Our Vision:  

The Center aims to be, and to be known in national and international academic, government, business, professional and non-profit forums and in the Saint Mary's College community as, an influential and effective champion of the value of pluralism through its mission-driven, engaged religious pluralism events, educational programs, and scholarship.













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