The following contains guidance for Managers/Supervisors for using GAELPerform to complete Year-End Performance Reviews. Please read through this information carefully.

May 12, 2014

Dear Saint Mary’s Supervisors of Staff Employees: WELCOME TO GAELPerform

GAELPerform, powered by Halogen software, is Saint Mary’s web-based system for completing performance reviews for SMC staff members. GaelPerform was first launched on May 6, 2013. This is our second appraisal year using the new system.

It allows supervisors and staff to:

  • Complete reviews online
  • Access and view completed reviews
  • Co-create goals & development plans that will be housed in the web-based system
  • Record performance-related notes (e.g. feedback, kudos) on your personal Homepage

It allows the organization to:

  • Track performance review completion rates, rating averages, and other global data

This year, GAELPerform will open on May 15. That day, you will receive an email letting you know this year's review process is beginning. If you already set up your password last year you won't need to follow the link in the activation email. Just log onto your homepage.

If you are NEW to GaelPerform or did not set up your homepage last year, you will need to  follow that activation link (good for 96 hours) to establish your GAELPerform password and security questions.

The Performance Review Period

You’re completing staff performance reviews for the 2013-14 performance year (July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014).

IMPORTANT: Supervisor Preparation:

  1. The first section of SMC’s online review form requires employees to insert either (A) their essential job duties or (B) their key goals established for 2013-14. Please clarify with your staff, prior to them working on their self-reviews, whether the first section of their evaluation will be based on essential job duties or key goals for the year. Either essential duties or key goals can be used in this section.

    For staff who completed self-reviews last year, their appraisal form in GAELPerform will auto-populate with whatever job duties or goals they filled in last year. If their duties or goals have changed, they can simply delete the auto-populated text and write in the changes.

    If you and/or your staff are new to GAELPerform, please ensure that people have access to copies of their PSD (Position Source Document - the job description) if the first section of their appraisal will be based on how they performed their job duties. If they will be filling out the first section of the review form based on work goals for last year, make sure you/they have reviewed the goals against which they will be evaluated.

  2. The second part of the review form is an evaluation of core competencies that are expected of all SMC staff members. Supervisors have an additional set of competencies on which they are evaluated. This is the same as the paper and pencil appraisal form Saint Mary's has used in the past. However, the competencies and their definitions were updated last year by the Performance Review & Recognition team to better reflect SMC’s mission and strategic priorities. And this year the wording has been further streamlined.
  3. If you anticipate that any of your direct reports will be receiving an overall performance rating of “Needs Improvement” (summary rating located at the bottom of the review form), please notify one of the HR Directors no later than June 6, 2014.

Also, please make every effort to complete the review of anyone you believe will receive an overall rating of “Needs Improvement” no later than June 18. As you know, any staff member with an overall rating of “Needs Improvement” will not be eligible for the annual July 1 pay increase.

New Hires

The 2013-14 review will not be required for staff members with a start date of April 1, 2014 or later.

Please feel free to contact Human Resources with questions or for assistance by emailing [email protected] or by calling Ext. 4212.

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