GAELPerform: FAQs & Resources

Below are various tips and resources to help you effectively use and navigate GAELPerform, powered by Halogen software. 

How do I set up my personal GAELPerform (Halogen) homepage?

On July 9, you will receive an "activation" email. If you follow the link in this email to create your password and provide answers to security questions, you will now have access to your home page. If you already used GAELPerform last year, enter your user name (first part of SMC email address) and your GAELPerform password. (You wrote it down, didn't you?)

(after July 9) My original "activation" email has expired - what should I do?

Send an email to [email protected] to request another "activation" email. You will have 96 hours to activate your GAELPerform homepage. You may establish the same password you use for access to My Saint Mary's page. Or you may create a different password. If necessary, write down your password and security answers in a safe place for future reference. Your "activation" period expires in 96 hours (built into the software).

How can I learn to use the GAELPerform software?

The online process involves these 7 steps in sequence:

  1. Employee writes self-review
  2. Manager writes employee review
  3. Employee reads manager comments prior to 1:1 meeting
  4. Manager meets with employee to discuss review & then adds final comments
  5. Employee signs off on review
  6. Manager signs off on review
  7. Second-level manager signs off on review

How do I get started on the performance review process?

The e-Appraisal process begins with staff members who are receiving reviews. The employee being reviewed "owns" the first step.

  • If you're receiving a performance review, you'll get an email notification that prompts you to log into your personal GAELPerform/Halogen homepage to perform a task - which is to “write your self-review.” The system will send reminder emails until the task is complete.
  • When your self-review is complete, your supervisor will receive an email indicating that he/she has a task to perform on his/her GAELPerform/Halogen homepage, which is to “write the employee review.” (Note: The self-review comments written by the employee will auto-populate on the manager's form. Managers have separate manager comment boxes in which to add their comments.)
  • The process continues in this fashion through all 7 steps.