Why Business Leaders Need Liberal Arts

Today’s leader looks at issues from a multitude of perspectives and communicates with a diverse set of individuals. While business fundamentals go a long way in preparing students to successfully navigate organizational challenges, business skills alone can’t prepare a student for this type of holistic leadership. A business education must incorporate both liberal arts and business foundations in one comprehensive package.

“Liberal arts skills and business skills need to be combined in a way that will help individuals succeed,” says Zhan Li, dean of the School of Economics and Business Administration at Saint Mary’s College of California.View full screen here.

The School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA) undergraduate and graduate curriculum encourages students to develop a global and responsible business perspective. We educate students to consider global contexts and ethical, economic, social, and environmental values as they understand, analyze, and decide on business and economic issues.

SEBA offers three distinguished undergraduate degree programs:

Additionally we offer seven graduate degree programs:

Graduate business classes are offered in Moraga, San Ramon, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco. As one of the first Executive MBA programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Saint Mary's College of California alumni network is strong, lifelong and worldwide.