Body Image

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Body Image

Individuals who have a negative body image are at a higher risk for developing an eating disorder and are more likely to experience feelings of depression, isolation, low self-esteem and obsession with weight. The following webpage indicates “Ten Will-Powers for Improving Body Image”

We may feel uncomfortable with our bodies at some point, but the key to positive body image is to respect our bodies and learn to turn those negative thoughts and feelings into positive, affirming and feelings of acceptance. Click on the following link to view the “Ten Steps to Positive Body Image”.

Twenty Ways to Love Your Body!

Helpful Tips

  • Focus on the positive – Appreciate what your body can do for you. 
  • Avoid weighing scales - The scale is not the right way to measure if you are healthy or not. Muscle weights more than fat!
  • Education - Thin does not always mean that you’re beautiful & healthy. You can be in any shape and size and still be considered beautiful and healthy. Marilyn Monroe was not a size 6 and was still considered beautiful.


Students can seek help from the Counseling Center or the Health and Wellness Center on campus or any other professional mental health counselor or physician. Later in the recovery process, individuals may work with dietitians and health educators.