Learn more about what fatigue is, and what you can do about it on this page.

What is fatigue?

Fatigue is an overwhelming sense of tiredness that goes on day after day, week after week. Individuals may feel unmotivated, grumpy, irritable and tense.

Lifestyle factors that can cause fatigue

If your fatigue isn’t medical, the reasons are likely to be associated with your lifestyle.

Treatment for non medical fatigue includes:

  • Exercise and physical activity – Exercise and physical activity relieves muscle tension & promotes good sleep.
  • Healthy eating habits – Skipping meals or eating less nutritional value meals deprives your body from vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your body needs for daily living.
  • Sleep – It is recommended to sleep 8 hours a night. An hour less of sleep may not seem like a lot, but an accumulation can impact your thinking and increase your risk of injury.
  • Relaxation techniques – Relaxation relieves muscle tension, clears the mind, relaxes the body and can promote good sleep after releasing all the tension.
  • Time management – Cramming as much into your day can wear the body down both physically and mentally.
  • Avoid caffeine late at night and before bed
  • Avoid alcohol – Alcohol is a depressant and can make you feel tired. It also interferes with sleep and dreaming patterns

Medical factors that can cause fatigue

  • Illness – Anemia, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, infection, mononucleosis, obstructive sleep apnea, and or an underactive thyroid glad.
  • Medicines – Some medications for heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety and motion sickness can cause drowsiness and a sense of fatigue. Muscle relaxants, antihistamines, allergy remedies and sleep aids can also cause tiredness.

Seek medical help if:

  • You feel exhausted, apathetic or tense for 4-6 weeks or longer

You have symptoms of depression (see depression) or any other medical factors that can cause fatigue (see above)

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