Here are some useful conversation starters.

  • Is cheating fair to the students who don't cheat?
  • How has it felt when others have cheated off of you?
  • Is cheating a problem is our larger society? Should we be concerned about it?
  • How would you feel if you cheated and it appeared on the front page of the Collegian? How about if your mother found out?
  • What if 80% of the class regularly cheated on assignments? What would it feel like to be in that class?
  • Have you ever noticed that someone was looking at your answers during an exam? Did you cover them up? Why did you care?
  • In the outside world, how do you gain the trust of another person? What happens if you betray it?
  • What if I got lazy at the end of the semester and decided to make up your grades rather than calculate them accurately? How would you feel?
  • Should I care about cheating going on in my class? Why?
  • How does cheating affect the people who don't do it?
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