Learning goal, outcomes, rationale and implementation of Global Perspective.

Learning Goal: In today's interdependent world, college graduates need to work with people and communities from across the globe. This work will depend upon many factors, not the least of which is the understanding of a foreign language. Through the core curriculum, students will study and compare the social, economic, religious, and political structures of different global communities and cultures, and gain an understanding of the interdependence of these communities.

Learning Outcomes: Students will

  1. Analyze the process of globalization by using different theoretical perspectives and debates on a broad range of issues (including issues of dependence and interdependence); or
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the world from a specific non-U.S. and non-Western European viewpoint.

Rationale (i.e., the intention of the proposed outcomes): Global Perspective can be understood in two different, but equally important, ways. First (as in outcome #1), it can be taken as a perspective that views the whole world at once (i.e., from a bird s eye perspective), focusing on the interdependence of multiple cultures in this global context. In this outcome,  globalization  is taken in its largest sense, as synonymous with the process of growing global interdependence. Second (as in outcome #2), it can be taken as a particular, non-Western perspective on the world   in essence, a global diversity outcome. The former would include, for example, courses on global economics, the spread of cultural or artistic traditions across the globe, and properly-structured study-abroad experiences. The latter would include any number of courses in globally-diverse cultures and topics, such as African literature, Asian history, or Eastern religions. Students fulfill their Global Perspective requirement by completing an approved course or experience in either one of these two areas.

Implementation: Global Perspective courses must satisfy one of the two outcomes. All of the goals within Engaging the World respond to broad areas of concern that flow out of the Saint Mary s mission. Thus, students and faculty should have a wide degree of freedom (under the oversight of the Core Curriculum Committee) in seeking ways to explore these areas in the SMC curriculum. In particular, courses that fulfill the Global Perspective goals will often fulfill other goals, i.e., double-dipping is encouraged.

Proposal Evaluation and Recommendation Form: Used in determining 2013-14 Core. Global Perspective

Courses designated as fulfilling Global Perspective:

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