Initiative Task Forces develop initiatives supporting the priority themes in the strategic planning process and are made up of faculty, staff, students, Brothers, Regents, and alumni.  They launched April 7 and will meet until approximately mid-May and will report their recommendations to the Steering Committee at its June meeting.

Initiative Task Forces

Raise the Academic Profile and Distinction - "Discovery in Dialogue"


Sawako Suzuki (KSOE), Co-chair
Steve Woolpert (SOLA), Co-chair
Beth Dobkin, SC Liaison
Rebecca Carroll (SEBA), Faculty
Helga Lenart-Chang (SOLA), Faculty
Keith Garrison (SOS), Faculty
Br. Charles Hilken (SOLA), Faculty
Pat Kreitz, Administrator
Sandra Mattar (KSOE-G), Administrator
Julia Odom, Staff
Anthony Oliveira, Student
Ken Otter (SOLA-G), Staff
David Quijada (SOLA), Faculty
Ellen Rigsby (SOLA), Faculty
Myrna Santiago (SOLA), Faculty
Meg Shea, Regent

Support the Student Lifecycle - "Access to Success"   


Evette Castillo Clark, Co-chair
Chris Jones (SOS), Co-chair
Jane Camarillo, SC Liaison
Karlene Alves, Student
Ete Anderson, Staff
Patty Bishop, Staff
Hamsa Buvaraghan, Grad student
Jean Calixto, Staff
Chris Carter, Staff
Larisa Genin (SEBA), Faculty/Admin
Cynthia Van Gilder (SOLA), Faculty/Admin
Taylor Howse, Student
Makiko Imamura (SOLA), Faculty
Odell Johnson, Jr., Regent
Marie Lucero, Staff
Br. Michael Meister, Brother RD
Rashaan Meneses (SOLA), Faculty
Sara Mumolo, Staff
Tracy Pascua Dea, Staff
Jim Sciuto, Staff
Gloria Sosa (KSOE), Faculty/Admin
Gregg Thomson, Staff
Michael Viola, Staff

From De La Salle to Lasallian - "Expanding Responsibility for Lasallian Higher Education


Zach Flanagin (SOLA), Co-chair
Frances Sweeney (SOLA), Co-chair
Carole Swain, SC Liaison
Alice Baldridge (SOS), Faculty
Ali Carroll, Student
Rena Fisher, Regent
Monica Fitzgerald (SOLA), Faculty
Br. Ronald Gallagher (SOLA), Faculty
Sally Jamison, Staff
Raina Leon (KSOE), Faculty
Br. Michael Murphy, Staff
JP Musgrove, Alumni Board
Corliss Watkins, Staff

Prioritize Facilities and Footprint - "Defining our 'Place'"   


Zhan Li (SEBA), Co-chair
Jennifer Pigza (SOLA), Co-chair
Pete Michell, SC Liaison
Jennifer Billeci, Staff
Br. Chris Donnelly, Staff
Joan Iva Fawcett, Staff
Sil Garaventa, Regent
Emily Hause (SOS), Faculty
Lance Hourany, Staff
Steve Miller (SOLA), Faculty
Susie Miller Reid, Staff
Frank Murray (SOLA), Faculty
Bill Sullivan, Staff
Michael Viola, Staff
Tina Zhang (SEBA), Faculty

Getting the Message Out - "Claiming our Competitiveness"   


Sue Fallis (SOLA), Co-chair
Tomas Gomez (SEBA), Co-chair
Hernan Bucheli, SC Liaison
Sarah Blackley, Staff
Robert Bulman, Faculty
Mark Chiarucci, Staff
Holland Enke, Student
Elizabeth Gallagher, Staff
Rebecca Jabbour (SOS), Faculty
Mike McAlpin, Staff
Jo Shroyer, Staff
Steve Sloane (SOLA), Faculty
Elizabeth Smith, Staff
Mike Jung, staff

Raise Revenue, Reduce Costs - "Foundations in Affordability"   


Jeanne DeMatteo, Co-chair
Marshall Welch, Co-chair
Lisa Moore, SC Liaison
Peter Chen, Staff
Rebecca Concepcion (SOLA), Faculty
Steve Cortright (SOLA), Faculty
Kevin Flynn, Regent
Kasey Gardner, Grad student
Yung Jae Lee (SEBA), Faculty/Admin
Daniel Lewis, Staff
Mike McKeon, Staff
Br. Mark McVann, Faculty
Priscilla Muha, Staff
Rebecca Quam, Student
Jim Sauerberg (SOS), Faculty
Roy Wensley (SOS), Administrator

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