Meet some of our faculty and read what our students had to say about them.

“[Dr. Alter] is an incredible professor. I love that he has an immense behavioral background, which is what I really enjoy!” Nicole Correa, SPED credential student.
“Every week, I was moved by Dr. Boyd's wit and wisdom … . Class has long since ended, but her powerful words continue to guide me.” Sally Hawkins, READ student
“Both [Dr.Leon] and [Dr. Campbell] have provided an extremely positive and supportive environment to introduce us to the credential program. They work together well to present information in engaging and approachable ways.” Rebecca Teames, SSTE student.
“[Prof. Chambers] is ... engaging and open-minded ... . She ... invites us to think creatively and critically about the material and our lives as educators.” Sara Adams, MONT/ECE student.
“[Prof. Daoust's] course ... . has challenged me to really investigate my own philosophy on education and look into the philosophies of other educators.” Natalie J. Campo, MONT/ECE student.
“[Dr.] Dulberg's ... understanding of children as learners [makes] her ... invaluable [to] the [MSTE] Program. Her instruction empha[sizes] teaching as an art form.” Emily Esguerra, MSTE student.
“[Dr.] Edwards is culturally sensitive, organized, kind, dedicated and goes out of her way to ensure all students are successful.” Ranell Burnett, SPED student.
 “[Dr. Grant] is a thoughtful and conscientious professor. She always works hard to keep the curriculum and content current and applicable.” Brooke Abalos, MSTE student.
“[Dr. Krapf] is not only well-educated, but he also has had a great deal of experience in many different administrative roles.” Zachary Daniels, SSTE Credential student.
“[Dr. Leon] is an inspiration to me as a young woman of color, I find her to be an outstanding role model." Tanya Shah, SSTE student.
“Dr. Maguire['s] demeanor is so inspiring; she has truly shaped me into the teacher-researcher that I am today!” Lindsay Nagle, TFT student.
“I appreciate Dr. Marston enthusiasm about teaching, which reflects her ability to foster the same passion to us, new teachers.” Nerissa Martinez, TFT student.
“The program is rigorous but [Dr. Moskal] joined me in my journey of learning and growing as a teacher. [She] would not let me fail.” Sally Hawkins, Reading Leadership student.
“Outside of class time, [Dr. Peterson] came to me and [said] ... ‘Have you ever thought about being an administrator?’ It immediately validated my idea and ...[was] gratifying.” DJ Bowen, SSTE student.
“I always found [Dr. Rambo's] courses to be very helpful and practical as a teacher and researcher. ... I cannot say enough good things about [her].” Katie Bokan-Smith, TESOL student.
“Dr. Skolnick ... pushes us to the next level of critical thinking and teaching. I ... used most of her strategies in my classroom in just three months.” Alyssa Ginn, SSTE credential student.
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