Technology Planning & Policy Committee Project Portfolio

Technology Planning and Policy Committee (TPPC) undertakes proposal review as an IT investment strategy toward the continued development of the TPPC project portfolio.

In its proposal review process, the Technology Planning and Policy Committee (TPPC) steers and directs the major investments in the IT development process for the College primarily to ensure that adoption and use of technology is accountable to the College’s strategic plans. Secondarily, the TPPC provides input that best informs tactical judgments with respect to balance of resources in support of the academic and operational needs of the College. The College’s Chief Technology Officer is responsible to the College and the TPPC as an advocate for all IT development needs, so a call to the IT Service Desk should be placed if you would like more clarification.

With respect to the submission of proposals by community members, if the response to any of the following questions is yes, then it is highly likely a TPPC proposal is needed.  Does the requested technology development…

  • create a need for funding not currently identified for planning and/or implementation?
  • require more than ½ person/week (20 hours) in planning and/or implementation?
  • have the potential for impact beyond the intended beneficiaries?
  • create a need for new or significant additional IT service and/or support?
  • create a need for change(s) in existing IT infrastructure configuration beyond what is routine?
  • create a need for integration with existing SMC systems beyond what is routine?
  • create a requirement for review according to federal or state law or guidelines?

To submit a proposal for an IT project to the TPPC for approval, save the TPPC Proposal Template PDF form to your device so that you can fill it out over time, eventually submitting it according to the instructions at the bottom of the form. As always, IT Services is available to help complete the form with an eye toward making each as strong as possible for the TPPC review process.  Please do not hesitate to contact the IT Service Desk if you wish to engage such assistance.

The PDF at the bottom of this page should provide insight as to how the IT Services department treats the many variables in each IT need.  You'll note that the "Development Workflow" at the bottom of that PDF is applicable to the propsal process described on this page.  Please contact the IT Service Desk if you have questions or comments about any of the process described on this page or in the attached PDF.