Technology Strategic Plan

Approved June 2012, the Technology Strategic Plan provides four directions with accompanying goals.

The Technology Planning and Policy Committee reviews and discusses progress according to the Technology Strategic Plan.  If you would like to learn more, please contact the IT Service Desk with a request for an update.

Direction A: Creating digital literacy and proficiency

The College infrastructure enables formalized, up-to-date, computer/technology and e-information competency for its students

The College supports faculty and staff development necessary to achieve proficiency in the use of technology to perform their roles efficiently and effectively

Faculty will propose digital learning outcomes appropriate to their disciplines and identify courses that ensure those learning outcomes

Direction B: Advancing the academic mission

The College will promote and support the technology efforts of faculty as the prime drivers of teaching, learning, and research

Faculty development will provide resources for development and collaboration among faculty, staff, and students around technology skills, resources, and innovations

Faculty and academic administrators will identify programmatic support for technologically rich course development

Direction C: Building institutional capacity and efficiency

SMC will advocate and implement technology-based administrative systems and solutions that support effectiveness, conserve resources and maximize efficiency

Campus planners and managers will have software and hardware that enable data-driven decisions, particularly in the area of resource allocation

SMC electronic resources (both on the campus network and in the cloud) will be managed to minimize legal and financial risk, and to support a secure environment, protecting College systems and files through appropriate policies and activities, including disaster recovery and backup systems

SMC will establish and sustain a digital presence consistent with its mission

Direction D: Organizational support and responsiveness

SMC will effectively support a technology infrastructure and adoption process that is student-centered, addressing evolving needs and realistic learning expectations of students

ITS staffing will have the capacity to support faculty, students and staff as they use 21st century technology

ITS will develop a multi-year strategy for ensuring network bandwidth and appropriate infrastructure to support teaching, learning, administrative functions, and a reasonable level of student personal use

IT funding will be stabilized at a realistic level of support and aligned to the goals of the tech strategic plan