On September 29, 2013, all information on the SMCnet (smcnet.stmarys-ca.edu) website will be migrated to another server. After this migration SMCnet will officially be retired.

IT Services, in partnership with College Communications, is moving SMCnet, Saint Mary's original intranet (smcnet.stmarys-ca.edu/), to an off-site service so applications such as the online directory, January Term course proposals and election applications for faculty, students and staff will be more stable and look like the current Saint Mary's website.  Over the summer we began working with departments to migrate their pages and applications, and we are in the final stages of that process.

As of today over 90 percent of the links on SMCnet already point to or can be found on the SMC website. In addition, the small number of SMCnet pages that have not yet been moved to the Saint Mary's website will be moved to it, making it easier to find the information you need on a single site. The date of the migration is September 29, 2013. As of that date SMCnet as a site will no longer be available.

What will this mean for you?
While we will put in place links that redirect you to the updated location of applications and content, you will need to update your bookmarks in Firefox (Chrome or other browser you are using). The redirects will be in place for six months (until March 1, 2014) to give you adequate time to update your bookmarks. And we will send reminders to the community before the redirects are removed.

All applications once on SMCNet will still be available but will have a new URL and look like the SMC site. You may have noticed this change already, since we began the process over the summer.

What about the online directory?
The online directory can still be found on MySMC and the SMC site. The directory is not going away - it's an invaluable community tool. Log in at the bottom of this page to see the full directory search options here: www.stmarys-ca.edu/offices-and-services.

What if I have a question?
If you have any questions or concerns about any item (content or application) on SMCnet please contact Adriana Botello at tab2@stmarys-ca.edu or send your questions to stmarys-ca.edu/webhelp

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