Out of this World: The Landscapes of our Solar System



The Hearst Art Gallery, in collaboration with the Physics and Astronomy departments of Saint Mary’s College of California, announces the availability of an exciting exhibit: Out of this World: The Landscapes of our Solar System.

About the Exhibit:

Exploration is a basic drive of mankind, and as long as there have been explorers, there have been artists that chronicled their exploits. The visions of these artists not only served to document what was seen but to inspire others to follow. Today a new frontier has emerged and artists are showing us that which is beyond the confines of Earth. Grounded firmly in scientific research but inspired by creativity and imagination, these new artists construct realistic images of worlds currently beyond human reach. Their purpose is to inform, inspire, and to spark our sense of adventure.

The exhibit includes highly detailed photographs taken by interplanetary robotic explorers and satellites such as the Mars Rover and Voyager 1 and 2 as well as dramatic views from the surfaces of planets and their moons as imagined by some of the best-known space artists of our day including Joe Bergeron, Michael Carroll, Kevin Davies, Don Dixon, Mark Garlick, David Hardy, William Hartmann, Frank Hettick, John Kaufmann, Ron Miller, Walter Myers, and Kees Veenenbos. The work of this international group of artists has been used by NASA, been featured in numerous books on astronomical art and in scientific textbooks on our solar system, and has appeared on the covers of major scientific periodicals. In fact, the work of many of the artists included in this exhibition not only anticipated some of the results of space exploration, but in a way made space exploration possible by generating public interest and political support as well as by helping scientists plan and illustrate their experiments. Our hope is that visitors will be inspired by these works and that their sense of adventure will be rekindled. The future of the human race will not always remain tethered to our Earth—rather our destiny will inevitably lead us to push beyond the boundaries of our planet and push back the frontiers of space. Join us on the first step of this incredible journey!

The Hearst Art Gallery, accredited by the American Associations of Museums, has been curating exhibits for over 30 years. Within the last three years, two of its exhibits were named in the top 10 exhibits in San Francisco Bay Area museums by a respected Bay Area art critic, and one was named the number one exhibit in 2006. Every 2-3 years the museum works with others departments within Saint Mary’s College to produce an exhibit that moves beyond the realm of the fine art and investigates powerful imagery found in other disciplines. Out of this World is such an exhibit.


Exhibition Details

Contents: The exhibit is composed of 36 high resolution giclée prints stretched on canvas by internationally renowned space artists, 5 reproductions of high resolution NASA images, a DVD of a computer simulation fly-through of the great Mariner Valley on Mars, 2 DVDs produced by Jet Propulsion Laboratory depicting some of its many extrordinary missions to the planets, an interactive computer program for visitors to explore the vast portions of our solar system, and 18 extremely detailed and exploratory text panels on the history of the space art genre.  Along with these amazing exhibits, there also includes the geology and meteorology of each planet and moon depicted in the exhibit. The giclée prints range in size from approximately 18 x 30 inches to 36 x 84 inches. A 1/3 scale model of a Mars rover may also accompany the exhibit.

Space Requirements: Approximately 1500 square feet or 210 running feet of wall space.

Security Requirements: Minimum security.



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