A Lamorinda Gem

Portrait of Ryan Thompson.Ryan ’97 and Kim
Thompson ECR ’96, ’97

It was during our years at Saint Mary’s that students discovered Diamond Dave, leading to what we call the “integration” at Petar’s, where students began dancing and singing with people who were anywhere from 40 to 80 years old or more. What other entertainer, in a ten-minute span, could get a 70-year-old to shake their rump to Sir-Mix-A-Lot and a 22-year-old to waltz to Frank Sinatra?

Portrait of Tony Galletti.

Tony Galletti ’97

 What I love about Diamond Dave, besides his amazing performances, is that he creates these mini-reunions once you graduate. Wherever he is, you can count on running into someone you knew from college.



Portrait of Chris Carter.

Chris Carter ’97 MA ’02

I first met Diamond Dave around 1996. He was developing a good reputation as a local performer at Petar’s in Lafayette. I was told that he knew every song ever written so I had to go check him out. I tested him by requesting a random song by the band Dire Straits. He didn’t know it, but the next night I was there again. He saw me in the crowd and said, “This one is dedicated to the Dire Straits fan in the audience.” And he played it! From that point on, I was a fan.


Portrait of Robyn Heise.

Robyn (Taylor) Heise ’05

Right after college, around 2002, my then boyfriend and I went to Petar’s every Wednesday night for a few months. Because there weren’t that many people on Wednesday nights, I got to talk with and get to know Dave fairly well. One night, around 2 a.m. as the bar closed, my then boyfriend ditched me and left with his friends. It was pouring rain and I was alone, cold, tipsy and waiting for my cab outside when Dave came out. He was heading to his car and saw what a pitiful mess I was and offered to give me a ride home, which I accepted. He dropped me off at home and never mentioned it again. He was a lifesaver that night.


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